Best time to visit Tirupathi

Tirupathi gains attention of visitors all through the year despite of the season. However, the perfect time to visit Tirupathi is from November to February. During this time, the temperature remains cool and is highly suitable for exploring the pilgrimage place. This pilgrimage place has great change in temperature during summer and winter. The temperature goes up to 42°C at times and during winter drops up to 15°C. During the rainy season, the area has great humidity because of the moderate rainfall.

Climate of Tirupathi


Climatic conditions at Tirupathi are fluctuating where during winter the temperature dips to 15°C and remains 24°C all through the season that starts from November to February.


Summer is very hot where temperature reaches to 43°C during days. The season starts from March to June and visitors avoid visiting it during this season.


The Monsoons starts from July to October where there is a decent rainfall with great humidity. This is perfect time for visitors to enjoy the place and visit various parts.

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