Best sightseeing options in Myanmar

Best sightseeing options in Myanmar

  Myanmar is the golden land, in the heart of Asia full of precious gemstones and rich cultural heritage. The nature and history of the place are waiting to be explored. Travelers can consider packages from agencies or even plan their own trip to discover the charming Burma which has places and secrets one have never seen in his or her lifetime.

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Here is a list for you - Best sightseeing options in Myanmar

1. Enjoy the sunrise with the Bagan temple plain


The sunrise over the Bagan temple plain is breathtaking and is an iconic moment that the visitors must not miss out in Myanmar. One can watch the sunlight stretching over a sweet mist covers the plain. The bagan stretches up to such a distance that an individual can see the temple as far as their eyes reach.

2. Climbing Mount Popa with 777 steps


Mount Popa is a sacred monastery in Myanmar with golden stupas on the top, and this postcard sight is present on the top of an extinct volcano. One has to climb 777 steps to reach the peak of the Mount Popa. The route to this place is full of monkeys who look for food from the tourists.

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3. Kakku in Inle Lake with thousands of Stupas


This place has thousands of pagodas where one can get lost and enjoy a fantastic day. It is a spectacular place with a total of 2478 stupas that are nearly 2000 years old. This hidden gem is the religious center for the people belonging to the Buddhist tribe Pa’O from Myanmar. One who visits this place is required to hire a local guide mandatorily as per the rules and regulations set by the local lawmaking bodies. This is a rare place which is less visited than others.

4. Sunset from a boat on the Inhe Lake


This is one of the most famous lakes in the World. There are Buddhist worship places and stilt houses that rise from the reeds, and this makes the place even more stunning. One can explore this place by taking a ride during the sunset on a wooden boat with a long slender tail. These rides help one to experience the emptiness, calmness, and silence of the lake and restore inner peace. Visitors will also get the opportunity to watch the lifestyle of the locals in the nearby village along the coast of the lake. The soothing colors of Myanmar get reflected from the lake water, and the reflection seems to be from a glass. 

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5. Indein in Inle Lake with ancient stupas


There are hundreds of stupas of ancient times in Indein that will amaze visitors. The stupas are white, red and brown in color. They are located on a hill and are in different states of disrepair. Indein is a village in Myanmar which is situated at the end of a creek off the Lake Inle. The journey to this place is full of surprises like rice paddies, buffaloes, people taking a bath along the bank of the lake and similar other village scenes.

6. The calmness during the night at Shwedagon Pagoda


This place can be visited at any time of the day, and it is equally beautiful during every hour of the day. However, during night time, the place gets absolutely calm, and there is something very special about this quietness. This is a sacred pagoda of Buddhist people and worshippers visit the place on a regular basis and more during the night hours. 

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7. Irrawaddy River starting from Bagan till Mandalay


Irrawaddy is said to be the longest river of Myanmar. One can enjoy traveling by its banks as well as on the water. A cruising experience along the river will over a glimpse of the village life there. There are local fishermen, rural villages, located along the banks of the river. This is a peaceful and authentic experience of the daily life of the people of Myanmar.

8. Mahamuni Pagoda in Mandalay


This is one of the most visited spot by the Buddhist in Myanmar along with the tourists as it is their pilgrimage site. It is the highest reversed image of Buddha in Myanmar. Women are not allowed to enter the inner chamber whereas men enter there and place a gold leaf on the Buddha image.

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9. Final word


Most of the places in Myanmar are calm, silent and peaceful. One can spend a perfect vacation here away from a busy everyday schedule, tensions, and stress. The sightseeing includes other places too but the places mentioned above are very special and the most visited places in Myanmar by tourists from all over the world. An individual does not have to spend a huge sum of money to travel across Myanmar and visit the famous sightseeing places. The travel, lodging as well as food there is affordable and cheap.

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