Budget hotels in Myanmar

Budget hotels in Myanmar

  Budget accommodation in Myanmar can be found in a lot of hotels in Myanmar. Myanmar has recently grown tourist activities since 2010, and this has imposed a huge change throughout the country. Tourism in Myanmar has boosted the infrastructure of the country and has supported it financially a lot. However, there are hotels that understand the credibility of tourism in the country and offer low budgeted room rates for every traveler to find their suitable rooms and stay.

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Here is a list for you - Budget hotels in Myanmar

1. Best Western Chinatown Hotel


This hotel has rooms' tariffs starting from 57 USD. This is one of the renowned hotels throughout the city because of its location and accessibility. The hotel is located at a few yards from the railway station of Yangon. The room comforts and standards are not compromised at any instance, and the affordable rates gain more and more stayers at the hotels on a daily basis. With friendly staff and beautiful atmosphere all around the place, the hotels rank in the top list of favorites among many budget hotels.

2. Merchant Art Boutique Hotel


This is another renowned budget hotel in Myanmar with initial pricing for rooms per night starts from 49 USD. The location is at Shwedagon Pagoda. This location allows discovering the city's history around Yangon. Overall it is a very good location for stay. The paintings and art structures give every visitor a sense of aesthetics.

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3. Crystal Palace Hotel


The budget hotels have an initial tariff rate as low as 33 USD per night. The hotel is located downtown and offers the stayers with rooms that are worth the value in terms of comfort, coziness, and fancy. Most of the rooms have balconies that give the view of the city, among other commodities are toiletries for free, hairdryers, and a minibar.

4. Clover Hotel


The range of rooms per night in this hotel is 51 USD. The hotel has the Shwedagon Pagoda facing that is something that most of the stayers admire. The interiors of the hotel are colorful, swanky, and modernized which lives up for a great ambiance serving to the stayers. The rooms have white colored walls that add to the aesthetic value with blushes of orange and yellow. The other servings are private parking, Wi-Fi, photocopier machines, business facilities, and an add-on breakfast without any cost.

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5. Thanlwin Guesthouse


The hotel room tariff starts from 40 USD, and people prefer living in this hotel due to its homely environment and services. The rooms are old but have a charm in the form of modern vibes, wooden floors, clean areas, spacious corridors, and a lot more. Facilities like private parking, free breakfast, and Wi-Fi.

6. Royal Holiday Hotel


The hotel stay is very affordable as the room tariff starts from 29 USD which is considered to be the most reasonable in the present world for a day's stay. The windowless rooms are also available at a much lower price in this hotel. There are rooms that are contemporary and sleek providing all the stayers with free hairdryer, Wi-Fi, and safes in the rooms. Exchange of currency is also an option that can be availed in this hotel.

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7. Business Alliance Hotel


The room tariff in this hotel is as low as 20 USD per night and is located very close to the Shwedagon Pagoda. This hotel has excellent interiors that are decorated in a traditional way. The property suits business stayers for several nights and also a bestseller in many online booking websites. Among the amenities in this hotel are bathtubs, free Wi-Fi and car parking. Cuisines in the form of European, Chinese, and Thai are also available.

8. Hotel Bond


The room tariff for this hotel is as low as 26 USD. This is one of the newest properties in Myanmar which is in Yangon and located at a distance of 0.9 miles from the Sule Pagoda. The hotel has a shared kitchen that sets it apart from all other restaurants where the visitors can cook their food. The area of the rooms is huge, and the cleanliness is not a compromise. There are seating areas in the hotel where one can sit and relax during their time of leisure. The rooms are available at such a discounted price because the property has shared bathrooms.

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9. Mango Hill Inn


The cost of per night stay in this hotel is 59 USD. This is one of the most royal properties in Myanmar available to stay at a very low rate. The stayers can enjoy the feeling of coral resorts without a sea and the king's mansion in this property. This is located in the best location throughout Yangon which is very close to the airport. Couples favor staying in this hotel because of its luxury offerings at such an affordable rate.

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