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An Ultimate List Of Things To Buy In Kerala

26 Nov 2022 03:53 PM
An Ultimate List Of Things To Buy In Kerala

Buying souvenirs from a place that you visit has become almost a tradition. No holiday is complete without collecting a trophy that will remind us of the good times we had there. Photographs, local artifacts, and clothing from the faraway lands is what makes the stories of the adventures real. Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India. Visiting the state has become a part of the bucket list of most of the people. It is popular for its culture and natural beauty. With everything that the state has to offer, we often get confused about the things to buy in Kerala as souvenirs. Here is a list of some things that you should consider:

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1. Coconut Shell Handicrafts

Whenever you visit the state of Kerala, you will notice the abundance in the coconut trees. The locals have found other ways to use that abundance other than just as food. They have utilized almost every part of the tree, going down to even the shell. Artists carve things into the shells, making beautiful bowls, cups, ladles, and masks. Some of the most beautiful artifacts even include table lamps and these handicrafts are one of the must have things to buy in Kerala.

2. Nilavilakku

This traditional lamp is one of the exotic things available in Kerala. Every auspicious occasion in the state sees the lighting of the Nilavilakku and it is important in almost every official and unofficial function. It is believed that the lamp gets rid of all the dark energy that revolves around the person and their households. They are available in all sizes and are made out of either bronze or bell metal.

3. Nettur Casket

This is a handcrafted jewelry box that is quite popular since the old ages. Wood from trees like Teak was used to create these colored boxes and they were later ornamented with brass. There are many families in the state which still have the relics from their ancestors and while there are many cheaper versions available today, the relics go for quite a high price at private auctions.

4. Spices

While spices are available all over the country, there is no place like Kerala which was traditionally and historically popular for its spices such as black pepper, cardamom, cloves, and dried ginger. There are packets available for all these spices individually while some vendors have packets that have all of them mixed in the right ratios.

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5. Mural Paintings

There are many paintings that adorn the walls of the antiques shops in Kerala. The local artists imprint the mythology and local legends on canvas and murals so beautifully that you cannot help but stare. There is a lot of effort involved in making a masterpiece and these paintings are usually themed around temples. They can also be seen on the walls of the old temples, palaces, and churches in the state. You can buy them from the local handicraft stores or go modern and order them directly from the artists themselves.

Hope your shopping list is ready now.

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