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7 Places Where You Shouldn't Travel Alone

Some of the world's most exciting places can also be some of the most complicated places to visit. While visiting these places, even the best and streetwise traveler can get confused. At least hire a guide you can trust, the following places are those you should not visit alone;

If you are an American, you are likely to experience many problems before your trip to Russia. For one, to even apply for a visa - he or she must seek invitation from a hotel or a tour company, corruption continues to rule, you can be stopped and requested to show papers even when not needed to, which is an intimidating request for a bribe. It is advised that travellers should have local contacts to avoid the confusion.

The biggest problem to those travelling to china is language barrier; this complicates everything from dining in restaurants to navigating the sites, & also scams targeting foreigners including fake currencies.


This place is filled with some of the most inspiring creatures, these islands are home to almost 60 bird species and around 200 giant tortoises, but the major problem is that its 13 islands are hard to navigate especially if you have never been there. You would need experienced guides to help you navigate the region well and take you on hikes and boat rides.

EGYPT 4.5 ★

Many people with planned trips to Egypt cancelled their journeys due to the recent riots and political turmoil in this country, but the better part is that there will be fewer crowds to compete with in popular attractions like pyramids. The best thing to do is travelling with group led by companies with local contacts who know dangerous places to avoid.


It is a small country but the problem is that major parks are dispersed to various country corners, that would mean you will need multiple flights to access these parks, and also visiting these animal parks with all the carnivorous animals can be dangerous, you will need the best tour guide and a vehicle with modern equipments.


MACHU PICHHU_1477134445u60.jpg

This breathtaking Peruvian ruins have remains of the 15-century ruins spread all over the 80,000-acre are, there are no signs to explain what you are looking at, that will require one to have an experienced tour guide to explain the mysteries involved. Never go to this place alone.

There have been terrorism threats in this country, of late, there are also cases of civil unrest, but either way that does not mean you should not plan a trip to this country to see the ruins of Petra and the Dead Sea. It is advisable to travel with a group led by someone who knows which areas to avoid at early signs of problems. All these places are fun, it is only that there are obstacles to an exciting trip to any of those but with the help of a tour guide you will be guaranteed a smooth vacation.

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