5 Places More Mysterious than Bermuda Triangle

5 Places More Mysterious than Bermuda Triangle

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Here is a list for you - 5 Places More Mysterious than Bermuda Triangle

1. Area 51

Area 51

Location: Southern Nevada, USA
Secret Military Base, famously known as Area 51.
It is said to be the home to a captured fleet of alien flying saucers and alien bodies - after the infamous Roswell UFO crashed in 1947.
There have been theories that aliens and their wrecked craft were taken to Area 51 for examination and that scientists have managed to set up future meetings in the desert with other alien life-forms.
Although none of the theories have been proved to be true.
People also speculate that weather control, secret weapons, time travel and teleportation have also being developed in this area.
For years, US govt denied the existence of Area 51, until December 8, 2013 when President Obama made an off hand comment about Area 51, becoming the first President to publicly acknowledge its existence.                            

2. Superstition Mountains

Superstition Mountains

The legends and lore of the Superstition Mountains can be experienced at the Superstition Mountain Museum on the Apache Trail where artifacts of the Lost Dutchman are on display.   

Location: East of Phoenix, Arizona.
As per the legend in 1800s, a German immigrant named Jacob Walts discovered a gold mine inside the mountains but did not discuss the whereabouts of that mine with anyone, until his deathbed, upon which he may or may not have told a single person the secret.
Although the mine has never been found, despite many expeditions.
It is believed that the spirits of people who've lost their lives in these expeditions, still haunt the mountains.
It is also believed that the mine is protected by creatures called Tuar-Tums ("Little People") that live below the mountains in caves and tunnels. Some Apaches believed that the entrance to hell is located in the mountains.
The legends and lore of the Superstition Mountains can be experienced at the Superstition Mountain Museum on the Apache Trail where artifacts of the Lost Dutchman are on display.   

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3. South Atlantic Anomaly

South Atlantic Anomaly

Location: In Atlantic Ocean, around 300 kilometers off the coast of Brazil.
Also called Bermuda Triangle in Space.
One of the most dangerous areas of radiation ever encountered.
It is an area where the Earth's inner Van Allen radiation belt comes closest to the Earth's surface dipping down to an altitude of 200 km (124 mi).(* explained below)
This place creates havoc with satellites and spacecrafts.
Astronauts' on the space shuttle complained laptop computers would sometimes crash when they passed through the anomaly.
NASA satellites that travel in this region are shut down, or go into SAFE mode to avoid damage while passing over the Atlantic between Brazil and Africa.
Many are of the believe that it is the reason behind the crash of Air France flight 447 of June 2009, in which 228 people died.        

4. Lake Anjikuni

Lake Anjikuni

Location : Nunavut, Canada
In early 1930's, a fur trapper named Joe Labelle reported that a village near the lake was abandoned by the villagers. Not even an animal or pet was seen in the village.
He looked for some inhabitants, but found noone.
He went on to check the huts and found each empty, but in a strange way... some had pots of food still hanging above long cold fires; in one hut he found some sealskin clothing for a child that was being mended, the needle and thread still in it as if simply set aside.
The houses and stores were open as if that people just got up and went somewhere.
People saw strange lights on the surface of the lake water at the time of disappearance.
2 very strange discoveries were also made :
About 100 yards from the village, seven dead dogs were discovered, tied to some tree stumps.
And a stone cairn grave had been opened, its stones were re-stacked into two piles and the body inside, was missing.
Later, on examination by experts, it was concluded that dogs had starved to death( even though there was plenty of food in the village) and that the village had probably been deserted two months previous to Labelle's discovery, towards the start of Winter.
Although, why the village was abandoned or where its inhabitants went, has been determined.

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5. The Devil Sea

The Devil Sea

Location: Pacific ocean around the Japanese island of Miyake, about 100 kilometers south of Tokyo.
Also known as Dragon's Triangle because of ancient legends suggesting dragons living off the coast of Japan.
There has been a lot of suspicious activity along this region like numerous disappearances of ships and planes.
In 1952, the Japanese Government sent an investigation team of 31 members. Sadly, the whole team including the ship disappeared in the sea, never to be seen again.
Another story tells of Kublai Khan's disastrous attempts to invade Japan by crossing the Devil's Sea, losing at least 40 000 men in the process.
Other speculations range from aliens, to gates to parallel universes, high volcanic activity leading to disappearances and even to Atlantis. 

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