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5 Haunted Castles to Spend the Night

5 Haunted Castles to Spend the Night

There are places in this world which are stranger than the most common landscapes. Sometimes, these places make your skin crawl. Once you get into the spot, the surrounding places will induce heavy breathing and paranoia, before anything has even happened. The dark, dusty steps of old castles and houses along with the long stretching web of spiders create an almost terrific environment. Here are some of those haunted castles where you can spend your adventurous night.

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1. Hunedoara (Hunyad) Castle


The castle is around 13 storeys high. This castle is also known for housing some of the very disturbing events.  At the entrance of this castle, there is a well that is over 30 meters deep. The legend says that, this fountain was dug by twelve Turkish prisoners. They were promised by their captors that if they would reach the water, they would be offered liberty. After digging the well, instead of giving liberty, their captors chopped off their heads.

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2. The Stanley Hotel, USA

Renowned for its old world charm, this hotel possesses impressive views in every direction and located around six miles away from Rocky Mountain National Park in America. It is said that the hotel is haunted by the spirit of its former owners F.O. and Flora Stanley. It is said that Flora often play her piano while F.O walks around the billiards room or wander around the hotel to carry out his duties as the owner even after death.


4. Riddle House, USA

The Riddle House is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Earlier, it was a funeral parlor. This house of the Victorian age was taken apart and was rebuilt in Yesteryear Village at the South Florida fair grounds. Joseph, one of the   former employees of Riddle committed suicide inside the attic of the house by hanging himself. It is believed that the haunted soul of Joseph attacks men who get into the attic. Major part of this palace is believed to be haunted with furniture moving frequently.


5. Borley Rectory, England

Borley Rectory is a Victorian house located in the village of Borley, Essex. It was shattered by fire in 1939. It gained its reputation once a lot of unnatural activities started taking place in this destroyed house. Some unusual footsteps were heard by the neighbors. Other paranormal incidents that are reported at Borley include, the phantom ringing of the servant’s bells, a  ghost of a nun wandering around, a phantom carriage, two headless horsemen, and bottle-throwing.


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