We have some of the most amazing, not-to-be missed roadside attractions. Pull over and sneak a look at these fun works of art.


Cabazon Dinosaurs


Randy's Donuts


Jimmy Carter Peanut


The Catsup Bottle


Jolly Green Giant

One must not miss this 55 feet tall giant if he is passing the road from Minneapolis to Lowa. This great roadside attraction was made in 1978 in the town of Blue Earth MN.


It is a replica of the Stonehenge in UK and can be seen at the north of Alliance on Highway no. 87. It is made up of 38 automobiles taking the diameter of around 96 feet.

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The largest ball of stamps

The ball consists of around 5 millions repealed stamps and is nearly 3 feet in diameter. It can be seen on Flanagan Boulevard in Boys, NE.


Lucy, the Elephant

This is a 65 feet elephant situated at Atlantic Ave, NJ. It can be climbed up through a spiral staircase to get a picturesque view of the Atlantic City and the ocean.


The Largest Pistachio Nut

This roadside attraction made to honour McGinnis Pistachio farm, is located at Highway 54-70 Alamogordo, New Mexico.


Enchanted Highway

It is the largest scrap metal sculptures of the world situated at Regent, North Dakota.

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