Find Yourself Among The Strange Roadside Attractions Of America 

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Find Yourself Among The Strange Roadside Attractions Of America

America is always a dream land for any traveller who believes in the liberty of the human will and the free soul. The clich - American Dream' seems to come out of the original meaning and venturing into the literal world with a whole lot of possibilities and aspirations. Apart from the all known tourist destinations in the US, there are several very quintessential aspect of life in this wonderful place. Many traveller might hesitate to take the 'road not taken' (courtesy Robert Frost); but believe me, its all that matters! What have you done if you have not taken a road trip to the majestic country land in a roofless car hitting the highways while country music playing in the stereo? Have you ever imagined how does it feel to halt at a country pub and enjoy a mug of bubbling beer while your cowboy hat lies beside? If not, then do it. So, today we are presenting some of the most unusual attractions you might come across on a US highway trip apart from the romantic landscapes (obviously not the conventional ones) and the raw pubs: 

When you suddenly spot a leaning tower in US territory, don't pinch yourself to find out if you have reached Italy by mistake. All you need to know is that it is Niles, Illinois region that houses the replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This resemblance has established Niles as the sister city of Pisa with all the honour! Built by industrialist Robert Ilg in 1934, this tower is located in the Touhy Avenue above two swimming pools. You can enjoy some good time in this place with various events and concerts going on. 

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Ball of Twine of Cawker City

For the records, this twine ball is the largest in the world with a weight of a massive nine tone and a diameter of 40 feet! A person named Frank Stoeber started to work on this task in 1953 when he decided to out score the then leader in this segment- the Johnson Twine Ball in Darwin that was 12 foot wide. He worked tirelessly till his death in 1974 and what he left behind is a record breaking phenomena. So whenever your car reaches this region, do stir it down to this twine ball which is a real grand daddy in the me too category.

Cadillac Ranch of Amarillo

Car lovers swear by this iconic name- Cadillac. A luxury car from the General Motors stable, Cadillac occupies a very significant place in the US psyche, media, art and cinema. Here you will see 10 Cadillacs dating from 1949 to 1963 burried under the soil head down and tail up in a very unique manner. No car graveyard on earth can become more artistic! It is the brain child of three artists- Hudson Marquez, Doug Michels, and Chip Lord who created this piece of art in 1974. This is a symbolic gesture to the rise and fall of the US automobile industry and today visitors come here with paint and spray to add to the charm of it.

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Lucy the Elephant of Margate

This is a fine specimen of zoomorphic architecture where you have an elephant measuring a height of 65 feet. This six storey structure was built by James Vincent de Paul Lafferty (an Irish-American inventor) in 1882 with a purpose to sell real estate and bring tourists to Margate. Made of wood and tin, Lucy, as it is called has been serving as a summer home, a bar and even an office. Pull the breaks if you catch a glance of her.

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Wee l Turtle of Dunseith:

You are on the US road and no one can be a better friend than your car and the tyres that burns itself to make go ahead. So, what about showing some respect to this uncelebrated pal by visiting the Wee l Turtle? Made with some 2,000 old tyres, this is a 18 feet tall structure that is made in the shape of a turtle and is a fitting tribute to the nearby Turtle Mountain State Park. This giant tyre turtle has been made by George Gottbreht in 1982 who happens to be the owner of a business establishment. These destinations might not be the typical tourist attractions that you could conceive in your perception; but they are nonetheless the epitomes of the free human imagination and expression of creativity. So, wake up the sleeping free spirit that you are and let the ignition button light up.

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