10 Things we hate about Delhi 4.1 

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10 Things we hate about Delhi

1. There is no clean air

Delhi is one of the most polluted cities of the world. Fresh air is almost a myth here. Whether it is early in the morning or late in the night one can always feel that the air is mixed with carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases. 7-8 year old children are suffering from the lungs related problem and asthma is amongst the most common diseases here.People wearing mask to cover their noses due to extreme level of air pollution is not a very rare sight. It is almost impossible for an individual to breathe in Delhi’s air and remain completely healthy.

2. Women are not safe in Delhi

Popularly known as the rape capital, it seems as if Delhi is cursed with this problem. Every day one can find several cases of rape and molestation in Delhi newspapers. It is an extremely sad fact that almost every girl in Delhi has been a victim of eve teasing at some point in her life. We talk about equality and women empowerment but sadly women here, cannot even step out of the protected walls of their homes once the day light is gone as she might get raped or molested by her male counterpart.

3. Overcrowded

People, people everywhere- be it Delhi metro, buses, roads, restaurants, parks or any other public place one can only find people in queues waiting. It is almost impossible to peacefully stroll around the city even if it is 2 am as there will still be honking traffic. This city is so used to being overcrowded and messy that people here have actually forgotten what it was like to be living without the hustle and bustle. Being a Delhite, moments of peace and solace is what I crave for the most.

4. Dirty

Being the capital of India, Delhi should be on the forefront when it comes to schemes like Swach Bharat Abhiyan. It should be an example of cleanliness and hygiene to all the other states and Union Territories. But sadly enough, Delhi lags far behind when it comes to cleanliness. People here dedicatedly believe in cleanliness but only till the threshold of their homes, on stepping out of their homes it the sole responsibility of government and civic bodies to look after this issue. And the much popular MCD here goes on strike time to time which results in the heaps of garbage.

5. Loud

‘You know we are just enjoying, you know it is a celebration. Please bear some inconveniences.’ Yup, that is the most common statement you will hear from a Dilliwala if it is the joyous occasion of a wedding ceremony, birthday or even a Jagran and you have dared to ask them to lower the volume of their music systems. People here love to celebrate every occasion with pomp and show but they often forget that their fun might become nuisance for others.

6. Temper Issues

Due to God knows what reason people in Delhi are always angry, frustrated and ready to participate in a duel. Mistakenly hitting somebody’s car in the heavy traffic is apparently considered a major crime and you might get shot for it. Use of abusive language over petty issues is like a thing of everyday to people here. Sadly, people of “Dilli” do not have big hearts and it becomes almost impossible for them to forgive and forget other’s mistake.

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7. Delhi’s Summer 4.8 

Winters here are definitely to die for!!! But summers, are not so good. Mercury rises to even 47 degrees sometimes in the months of May, June and it seems as if the whole city is enveloped in the strong heat waves during day time. Eating multiple ice creams and drinking Colas is also futile and strolling around is almost impossible during day time in this season. Nights are better as the temperature is comparatively low but one does not experience the complete respite from the heat. Added to this, is the harsh humidity which is experienced in the months of July and August.

8. Delhi’s Traffic

Delhi’s Traffic

Being stuck in traffic for hours is one of the most common routines that people follow here. Apparently, everybody owns a car here as people here do not show much inclination towards public transport. Delhi has the maximum number of cars amongst all the Indian cities. One might very easily find such families here who have more number of cars parked outside their homes as compared to the number of members living inside. Due to some reason, owing more number of vehicles is considered a status symbol here and hence everybody wants to own as many vehicles as they can, which is a major reason for traffic jams here.

9. We are the law breakers

We are the law breakers

Are you in Delhi and have you jumped the traffic signal? If by any chance your answer to this question is yes then don’t worry, just slip 100 or 200 bucks to the policeman and ride freely. Yes, that is how flimsy rules and regulations in Delhi are. Delhites have this irritating habit of not wanting to live under the law and abide by the rules. People spit and smoke in public places, they pee on roads freely and if caught they can easily get away.

10. Everybody is in a hurry

Everybody is in a hurry

People lack patience here! Yes, that is true. Be it on the roads, in shopping malls, at the theatres or on metro stations, people seem to be always running towards something all the time. Waiting or queuing up seems almost an impossible task to them as crowd here is ready to push over each other. Standing at the traffic signals and waiting for it to turn green is something which Delhites can’t do, in fact unable to do that is why they have this tendency of jumping traffic signals which is the major cause of road accidents.

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