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10 Snowiest Places On Earth

1. Aomori City - Japan
Aomori City_1431938845e11.jpg

aomori-city-japan-snow_1446099173e12.jpg Photo by: Cntraveler

Aomori City - 312 inches

It is the snowiest place on the earth receives 312 inches of snowfall as it is located at the highest peak of the Hakkoda Mountains, receives 26 feet of snow per year, a 100 inch more than Sapporo, the next snowiest place. There is a huge precipitation of heavy clouds which is the reason for an unusual amount of snow and thick fog known as snow monster.

2. Sapporo - Japan

sapporo-japan-winter-festivals_1446099173u21.jpg Photo by: Cntraveler

Sapporo - 191 inches

The next snowiest place on earth is the Sapporo, which receives 191 inches and 17 feet snowfall with a population of 2 million. It is a tourist destination place due to its annual snow festival, which offers various type of activities for visitors which are very entertaining and cultural. The place draws more than 10,000,000 visitors every year.

3. Toyama - Japan

toyama-japan-snow_1446099173u31.jpg Photo by: Cntraveler

Toyama - 413 inch

Another snowiest place is again captured by Toyama, Japan. This area of Japan receives heavy rainfall that it becomes very difficult for the drivers, as it completely blocking their view of the road. It is the home for more than 417,000 populations, receives an average 413 inch of snowfall.

4. St. John’s - Canada

st johns snowy-cities_1152_1446099173u41.jpg Photo by: Cntraveler

St. John’s - 131 inches

The fourth position is captured by St. John’s is located in the province of Newfoundland and receives the most rainfall as compared to any other Canadian City. The city experiences 131 inches of snowfall.

5. Quebec City - Canada
Quebec City_1431938847u50.jpg

quebec-city-canada_1446099174u51.jpg Photo by: Cntraveler

Canada – 124 inches

The city is again a tourist attraction place which is famous for its fantastic Canadian cuisines and its carnivals and cultural activities organized. The city receives an average snowfall of 124 inches and lands up at No. 5 in snowiest places on earth The city is also famous for its beautiful architecture.

6. Syracuse - United States

54c7f960f026e0d339fb8aac_syracuse-new-york-snow_1446099174u61.jpg Photo by: Cntraveler

Syracuse - 124 inches

Syracuse receives 124 inches of snowfall annually captures the sixth position on the world's snowiest place. It is situated on Lake Ontario of New York City.

7. Saguenay - Canada

Canada – 123 inches

Formed by a merging four cities La Baie, Laterriere, Chicoutimi and Jonquiere receives snowfall up to 123 inches and located about 120 miles north of  Quebec Saguenay has a population of more than 144,000. However, due to its unfavorable environment, there are very few habitats exists near the city

8. Akita - Japan

 Akita, Japan – 107 inches

Akita has a population of more than 320,000 residents, which experience a snowfall of about 107 inches in the first two months of the year over 90% of its average annual snowfall. Akita tends to experience heavy rainfall as well.

9. Rochester - United States

Rochester, United States – 99 inches

Rochester is the place located near Canada which receives an average snowfall of 99 inches that occasionally leads to blizzards due to the large amount of snow. However, this snow even caused a disaster in the place and many people died due to high accumulation of snow which took 2 weeks to recover and remove all snow.

10. Buffalo - United States

Buffalo - 95 inch

Due to the lake-effect snow in Buffalo has also experienced increased production of snow, with a 95-inch snowfall and even keep increasing the rate of snowfall in that location. Citizens of that place experience some of the heaviest blizzards, leading in several feet of snow, burying vehicles, and cancelling of activities in town.

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