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10 Most Corrupt Police Force in the World

Every country has their own way of dealing with the problem of corruption but one thing that is common in all is the maintenance of police force. Government thinks that the police force will tackle all problems related with law and order as well as corruption but in reality there are many countries that faces the problem of corrupted police forces. This is generally because the policemen are underpaid in many countries and thus they take up corruption to earn more money. Below is the list of the 10 countries of the world where the police forces are extremely corrupt.

Kenya 4.3 ★

92 percent civilians of Kenya ranks their police force as the most corrupt ones as they take bribes and also neglects the law and order of the country.

Burma 4.5 ★

Corruption level of the police force of Burma is troubling the citizens here. These police forces make the victims pay for the criminal investigation that they take up. They are known for extorting money from the civilians of the country in different ways and for different reasons.


The history of corruption among the Iraqi police force goes a long way back. They participate in kidnapping, bribery and other actions through which they earn good amount of money. Protecting civilians is not considered as their responsibility or duty.


The police force of Somalia is ineffective and is underpaid because of which they indulge in steeling, extortion and bribery.


Afghanistani police force are getting worse with every passing day as they are extorting money and inflicting violence on civilians. They are releasing the criminals from the prison and they also tend to avoid arrest of the criminals.

Sudan 4.5 ★

Corrupt police force of Sudan has proved their level of corruption so many times through extorting bribes from civilians and also avoids ignoring the investigation of crimes and violence.

Russian government knows the corruption level of its police force. Police brutality, extorting bribes and developing the problems of the citizens are all the activities in which the police forces of Russia indulge in.

Pakistan 4.5 ★

The police force of Pakistan also deserves a well known rank and position among the most corrupted police force of the world. Arresting innocent citizens and taking bribes from them is the leading task of the police force of Pakistan. Although police force are known for managing law and enforcement of a country. But the policemen of these above mentioned countries are taking up to selfish and criminal activities to earn extra money by causing deep rooted corruption in the nation.

Haiti 4.5 ★

World's most corrupt police force belongs to Haiti. The police force of this country has negatively influenced the society through their unethical practices. The lawlessness of the country and the brutality of the police have developed a negative impression on the world. 

Mexico is holding the second position among the countries that have most corrupt police forces. The police here are most troubled and they are turning to get worse because of the increasing level of corruption. They are enforcing drug trafficking in the country and are also ignoring the crimes that are developing in the region. 

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