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Capital : Port-au-Prince
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About Haiti

Believe it or not but Haiti is one of the best-kept secrets of Caribbean and astonishingly, wants to carry this mysterious image for rest of the world to look at. It may require loads of guts at your end for traveling to Haiti owing to its flabbergasted past. But ultimately its you, who have to discover the actual truth because its main tourists picks like Grand resort, hotels and restaurants, tourists attractions such as beaches, event, shopping and nightlife totally contradict to what is mostly written about. Basically, Haiti or officially referred to as Republic of Haiti, is a Caribbean country, occupying the western, smaller area of Hispaniola islet in the Greater Antillean archipelago, which it adjoins with the Dominican Republic. The total land area it engages in is extended up to 27,750 square kilometers (10,714 sq mi) and Port-au-Prince is famous as its capital city. Further, the natives of the place here converse in their official languages which are Haitian Creole and French and feel immensely proud to be famous as the first celebrated the independent nation in Latin America. Travel to Haiti includes that the vacations can be full of creative arts. It is so because the highly talented painters prefer to sell their art works at a very good price. Plus, you may also get to learn more about the fact that once it was the crown masterpiece of the French overseas empire and New World's affluent place. Even despite the fact that Haiti has become the victim of countless tribulations over the years but still natives have maintained a proud and welcoming spirit that inspire them to live life as it comes and such positive attitude also support your zeal of traveling in and around Haiti region and thus enjoy as much as you wish for...
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