10 Items That You Should Definitely Have For Your Single Trip

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10 Items That You Should Definitely Have For Your Single Trip

1. Messenger bag or money belt for all important documents & wallet

Messenger bag or money belt for all important documents & wallet

Make copies of all your important documents – your passport, visa, travel insurance, credit cards, etc. and keep the originals with you in across body messenger bag or a money belt. In the unfavorable situation that your travel documents have been stolen, you will still have the copies.Even though you are using a messenger bag or a money belt, you should be alert at all times during your travels.

2. Lock


A lock is handy to lock your bags, lockers or doors when needed. A sturdy lock is especially useful for solo travelers as you may not have someone to look after your belongings at all times and there may be situations where you may have to leave your bags unattended.

3. A scarf, which can be uses as an emergency blanket

A scarf, which can be uses as an emergency blanket

A multipurpose scarf is great for solo travelers as you’ll be able to use it to keep warm, cover yourself or dress up an outfit. You could even use it as an extra blanket.

4. Multipurpose shoes &flip-flops

Multipurpose shoes &flip-flops

Instead of carrying different shoes for different purposes, carry one pair of multipurpose shoes that are comfortable enough to use on long walks or visit anice theatre. Additionally, flip-flops are great hygiene measures if you’re sharing bathrooms or going to the beach!

5. Customized First Aid Kit

Customized First Aid Kit

Customize your personal first aid kit with medicines you usually rely on and medicines for specific issues such as fever, sore throat or bad stomach.Write the dosage of the medicine as well, which will come handy while traveling.

6. Emergency Contact Information Card

Emergency Contact Information Card

You should keep an emergencycard with you at all times while traveling alone. That way, if there is an emergency, a person trying to help can find the emergency contact card. The emergency card should include complete contact details of someone at home or in the country you’re travelling in and any relevant information such as allergies or your blood group.

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7. Flashlight


A flashlight is something that you will need in any unforeseeable circumstances. It’s a great investment and won’t take up much space in your suitcase. You can use it to navigate incase of a blackout or if you just need extra light!

8. Emergency Snacks

Emergency Snacks

Snacks such as protein bars, nuts and other items are perfect to carry on your trip. A snack will come handy in multiple scenarios, such as arriving late at your hotel or missing your flight or if only unhygienic food is available. Even if you don’t have an emergency situation, a snack is always a good thing to carry when you’re travelling.

9. Safety Whistle or Alarm

Pepper spray is illegal in numerous countries, instead, carry a safety whistle or safety alarm. They’re both small and easy to carry around and make a loud noise when you press it during an emergency.

10. Portable Charger

Portable Charger

A portable charger or a power bank is crucial when you are traveling alone. This ensures that you’ll always have your phone charged and be reachable no matter where you go.

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