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How To Make Friends When You Travel Solo

Stay in a hostel

- Great way to meet other travelers.
- Mostly the atmosphere is relaxed and open to interaction.
- Helps in planning itineraries and exchange of information.
- Exposes you to people from different countries and backgrounds.
- An economical and social staying option.


Take a group tour

- A safer way to travel in unknown countries.
- Economical as the cost is divided.
- You get to meet people sharing similar interests.
- Plans for the rest of the trip can be chalked out.
- Tour guides help in mingling with the rest and share interesting facts.


- Suggested if you are on a long trip.
- Might earn you some money to sponsor your trip.
- Brings you in contact with various locals who can help you with your journey.
- Good and interactive way to spend time while befriending new people.
- Helps in understanding and learning the culture of the host country better.

Take hobby classes

- Look for classes that interest you in local papers or online beforehand.
- Visit and enquire about courses that fit your time frame and budget.
- Taking a course with other colleagues helps in instant bonding.
- Sharing of information and activities helps in possible long term friendships.
- You get to find people who share similar interests.

Make local friends

- Chat up with locals whenever you can.
- People at tourist destinations are usually friendly and can help you with your trip.
- Locals may share information about the best bargains and little known places.
- Company of locals can keep you safe from swindlers and con men.

Visit the right places

- Some coffee shops and bars are more inviting than the others.
- Try and initiate a conversation with people.
- Look for a local coffee shop for a better chance of meeting the right kind of people.

Take public transport

- Taking public transport like buses and trains helps you meet strangers.
- Ask questions about the place and most likely, they would be pleased to help.
- Ask about them, their lives (without being intrusive) and you might strike it off with them.

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