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10 Elevators You Need To See To Believe

A ride in an elevator usually involves hitting a button and waiting for the ring corresponding to your floor. Pay attention on these lifts, or you'll miss out on one of the most thrilling rides of your life (even if it only lasts 30 seconds). From zooming up an inside-out London landmark to climbing to a scenic overlook in rural China to an ascent up an American icon, these vertical feats of engineering are about way more than getting from point A to point B.

The Gateway Arch, USA

Getting up the tallest mountain of America has never been so exciting yet easier as through the sci-fi pod elevator. The cutting edge futuristic design of the white pod bears the marks of perfect genius. The deliberately crafted glass doors reveal the technical complexity involved in the structure. The wonder ride takes only in 4 minutes to bring you to 630 feet high above the ground where from you can see how the cars and houses below look like tiny match boxes.

Bailong Elevator, China

This amazing elevator is to be found in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan, China. Those thinking that amazing elevators can be seen only in cities will be disillusioned to see the Bailong Elevator. The glass lift takes you to as high as 1070 feet up a cliff as you keep on watching the scenic beauties around and below. The beauty includes nicely swathed green valley, picturesque lakes and the famous district sandstone.

The Falkirk Wheel, United Kingdom

Boarding The Falkirk Wheel is quite similar to the experience of boarding a boat as well. It is actually a rotating boat lift with a landmark structure that connects the Union Canal with Forth and Clyde Canal. Quite naturally it became a sought after destination and ride for the tourists. It takes around 50 minutes for the ride to complete two spins of up and down.

AquaDom, Germany

AquaDom is a lift of extraordinary kind with the ability to reach deep into the water of an 82 feet high aquarium with an end to offer the visitors a rare view of the aquatic lifestyle inside a tropical sea. Various fishes of different size and hue nibble at the glass wall as if to have a smell of yours. The underwater wonder ride is indeed an experience of a life time. 10 Mesmerizing Aquariums across the World

Hammetschwand Lift, Switzerland


This amazing elevator looks somewhat similar to a space rocket but unlike a rocket it is much more colourful and cheerful so as to say. It whisks passengers 153 meters up to the summit of the Hammetschwand in less than one minute. It was opened many years back in 1905 as a part of the Burgenstock Resort in Switzerland and even today it has not lost its charm in any way. A ride in this lift would present you a exclusive view of the mountain Alps the nice blue water of the Lucerne.

SkyView, Stockholm

SkyView, Stockholm_1477563473u60.jpg

From the apex 130 meters (425 feet) above sea level, you get a fantastic view encompassing all of Stockholm. The glass made elevator follows a curve taking nearly twenty minutes of time to reach its top after which it goes back downwards allowing the rider to witness a panoramic beauty of the city.

Lloyd's Building, London

The three elevators in the Lloyd's building in London may not be the fastest or the tallest in the world but the view they offer of the river Thames as well as some other splendid sights is worth witnessing at least once in a life time.

Taipei 101, Taiwan

Taipei 101, Taiwan_1477563474u80.jpg

This is one of the fastest elevators of the world situated in Taipei, Taiwan. It runs at an amazing speed of nearly forty miles an hour and takes the riders to the ultimate 89th floor only in 37 seconds. The downward journey is also a different thrill altogether.

Luxor Inclinator, Las Vegas

Luxor Inclinator, Las Vegas_1477563475u90.jpg

This is another wonderful and exclusive sort of elevator that goes up with a 39 degree of angle & 30 floors, hence is the name "Inclinator". Unlike the other extraordinary elevators it does not have observation windows neither it can compete with others in height but its curved design makes it unique in design and appeal.

Sky Tower, New Zealand


The bird's eye view from the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand is undoubtedly splendid but more amazing is the 40 seconds' ride as you move up 190 m from the ground. If you look down the glass floor you will experience the thrill of feeling the ground speeding away from you at an amazing speed and nearing towards you at the time of descend.

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