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Lillehammer Art Museum

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About Lillehammer Art Museum

Lillehammer Art Museum is an art gallery located in Lillehammer, Norway. The museum changed into based in 1921 as a gift from service provider Einar Lunde. It has 3 primary collections: one along with over a hundred artwork from adherents of the Matisse school, donated by means of Einar Lunde from the Twenties. In 1958, antique supplier Oscar Johannesen donated his entire collection from the nineteenth century. In 2008, Jon Dobloug donated principal elements of his series inclusive of 159 paintings dating from the Nineteen Eighties and Nineties.

The older a part of the gathering, photos donated via Lunde and Johannessen, is particularly observed in the constructing designed by architect Erling Viksjø, which changed into completed in 1963. The more moderen constructing Flygelet become designed with the aid of the architecture company Snohetta and opened to the general public in 1992. During the 1994 Winter Olympics, this building served as the primary venue for cultural activities. This is the one of the great musium.

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