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Maa Durga Temple

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About Maa Durga Temple

Maa Durga Temple in Anegundi, Hampi is a delightful site with bright garments swinging from the tress tied by individuals for endowments. This is one of the best Hampi temples situated on Hippie side. Vijayanagara rulers used to adore in the sanctuary before each fight. An arrangement of stairs prompts the passage of the sanctuary. Place is super perfect and exceptionally very much kept up. All vehicles are stopped down at the passageway just and one needs to climb the stairs to achieve the sanctuary. Sanctuary is altogether thronged with aficionados and vacationers.
There is additionally a give in further up on the slope which you can undoubtedly stroll up to. Key fascination of the sanctuary is the stone that rotates clockwise way when you put your hands on it. As a matter of fact it doesn't spin for all. Along these lines, you need to put your both hands on the stone, close your eyes and wish something. Stone will spin just if your desire would be allowed and amazingly, it spun for a few and did not rotate for some unfortunate fellas.
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