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AreaGujarat, India
Language Gujrati, Hindi, English
WeatherSummer 23 To 42°C to °C, Winter 9 To 34°C to °C
Plan before:1 days
Prices starting: 2030/night
Best Time: January, Feburary, August
Ideal Duration1 - 3 Days
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Dwarka Overview
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Do's & Dont's in Dwarka
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Ranked 3 out of 6 Places to visit in Gujarat
Best time to visit for Solo - January, Feburary, October
Best time to visit for Couple - January, Feburary, August
Best time to visit for Family and Friends - Feburary, April, August

Ideal duration for holidays in Dwarka is 1 - 3 Days, Best for Weekend trips
Popular amongst travelers from ahmedabad, kolkata, vadodara, faridabad, bhopal
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Things to do in Dwarka
Things to do in Dwarka
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The city of Lord Krishna, Dwarka is a small town with a many tourists visiting to explore the mythical tales sung by the scriptures. While in the town you can delve in following activities
Offer your prayers
Dwarka is one of the most celebrated places for Hindus as it homes temples devoted to two Hindu deities; Lord Shiva & Lord Krishna. You must visit the many temples in Dwarka and offer your prayes to the god. People come here to pray to the gods and wish for a prosperous future with health and wealth.
Doze on the beach
The Dwarka beach offers you a perfect opportunity to doze on the warm sand under the clear blue sky. You can have a picnic at this place and have some quality time with your family and friends.

Places to see in Dwarka
Dwarkadhish-Temple_1484904386p2.jpg Photo by: sanjeevnitv

Dwarka is one of the most revered places of mythological importance for Hindus. The place has many treasures to explore. Here are a few of the
Dwarkadhish Mandir
Also known as Jagat Mandir, this is a celebrated site in Dwaraka. The temple is known to be built some 1400 years ago and has many images of “Dwarkadhish, Lord Kirshna” inside. The temple is a 5 storey building with 60 columns supporting them. The gigantic temple is made of sandstone and holds intricate carvings on it. The interior of the temple is serene and simple. The festival of Janmasthmi is celebrated in full spirit in this temple. Devotees from all over the world visit the temple to offer their prayers and admire the splendid place.
Beyt Dwarka
Your Visit to Dwarka is incomplete without a vist to Beyt Dwarka.  The temple id located at a island off coast and is dated back to 19th century. The te,ple beautifully represents the 56 consorts of Lord Krishna in full splendor. The temple has a great archaeological importance as there are a few artifacts related to Harappan Civilization from the 2nd millennium.
Rukmini Temple
Adjacent to the Dwarkadhish temple there is a small temple devoted to Goddess Rukmini. Rukmini was Krishna’s wife and an incarnation of goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. The temple courtyard has many small temples each dedicated to different incarnation of Lord Vishnu as per the Hindu mythology.   
Just 30 kilometers from Dwarka, there is a mesmerizing island named Okha.  It is a small port situated at the head of the Kutch port. The island is also known as the place where Lord Krishna slayed many demons. The island amidst the pristine water homes many aerial birds which are friendly with the visitors.
Dwarka Beach
The land of lords also homes a serene beach at the coast of Arabian Sea. The sparkling blue water and the bright sunlight make it a perfect picnic spot. Famous among locals and visitors, Dwarka beach is a mesmerizing place close to the main city.
Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple
The Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple is one of the 12 major temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. The folklore behind the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple states its mysterious origin history. Dedicatesd to lord Shiva the shrine attracts thousands of pilgrims every year. The aesthetically set huge infrastructure is an exemplary site to adorn.
Gomti Ghat
Hindu scriptures quote that Gomti and Ganges are same rivers and have their source in the heaven. At the Gomti ghat, Gomti River descends into the Arabian Sea. It is a place of religious value and also a splendid tourist attraction in Dwarka.
Samudra Narayan Mandir
Just to the west of the City, you find a gigantic structure, perched on the coast of Arabian Sea. The sunset and sunrise from this point is an awe-inspiring sight. The temple is devoted to Lord Krishna. There is a lighthouse at a distance from here.

Food and Shopping in Dwarka
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Food in Dwarka
Dwarka do not have many hi-fi eating joints. There are some restaurant that serve authentic gujarati food and while your visit indulging in a typical Gujarati thali is a must.  The typical thali comprises dal, roti, sabji, kadhi & rice. You should also munch on some local snacks like dhokla, phafada, khandavii, thepla, etc. to get the real taste of Gujarat.
Shopping in Dwarka
Suprisingly, Dwarka has many shopping center despite being a small town. You can but ious artifacts as mementoes. The small idols of lord Krishna and shivling are a mist buy here. There are some local markets that offer you different types of namkeens and dry snacks, indeed a must buy.

How to reach Dwarka
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Dwarka by Bus
One can easily reach Dwarka through bus. The state run bus services are comfortable and cheap. The roads are in good conditions adding extra comfort to your journey. There are many air conditioned buses to and fro Dwaraka. You can also travel through private buses.
Dwarka by Taxi
Hiring Taxi for your travel to Dwarka is another good option. You may hire the entire cab or book a seat on sharing basis. There are many service providers in the reason.
How to reach Dwarka by Train
Dwarka city has a Railway Station of its own. It has a well connected rail network which connects it with rest of the country. There are regular trains to Surat, Mumbai, Vadodara, etc.
Dwarka by Air
The nearest Airport of Dwarka is Jamnagar. Located at a distance of 137 Kilometers, Jamnagar airport has regular flights from all the major cities. From here one can hire taxi or take a bus to the main city.
Dwarka Distance from near by Places
Dwarka from Vadodara
 515 kilometers
Dwarka fromAhmedabad 441 Kilometers
Dwarka fromJamnagar 131 Kilometers
Dwarka fromSurat 669 kilometers

Air Distance from places (in Kms)
Dwarka Reviews (446)
5 ★
My overall experience in Dwarka was Excellent.
5 ★
Washroom facility is not so good. There is no entrance fee.
5 ★
No photography is allowed here.
5 ★
My overall experience in Dwarka was Excellent. There is no entrance fee.
5 ★
Washroom facility is not so good. My overall experience in Dwarka was Excellent
5 ★
My overall experience in Dwarka was Excellent.
5 ★
Washroom facility is not so good. There is no entrance fee.
5 ★
No photography is allowed here.
5 ★
My overall experience in Dwarka was Excellent. There is no entrance fee.
5 ★
Washroom facility is not so good. My overall experience in Dwarka was Excellent
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