Verona Carnival 2017

Event Name : Verona Carnival 2017
Venue : Verona
Start Date : Friday, 24-Feb-2017
End Date : Friday, 24-Feb-2017

Verona Carnival 2017

Verona Carnival is a name that carries a legacy of over 480 years and is closely associated with the sentiments of the people of the city and the nation as a whole. Verona Carnival dates back to 1531 when a nobleman named Tommaso Da Vico celebrated the end of a troubled time in the city.

A humble celebration to mark the end of a time that saw a terrible plague and food shortage, has gained a cult status with the passage of time. A grand parade of masks and the traditional distribution of gnocchi (potato dumplings) is the signature of Verona Carnival. Daddy Gnocchi, an old bearded fellow carrying a big fork as a sceptre is the carnival's main character.

Among the events that should be mentioned is the cruising contest on the Adige River and the colorful mask parade that starts in Piazza Bra lengthwise 6km course. Bands from the city and the nearby area add marvelous music to the parade. All the city's quarters participate in the parade while every quarter picks unique disguised characters. Thousands of celebrators, locals and tourists, enjoy the views and the holiday atmosphere.

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