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The Venice Carnival 2018

Event Name : The Venice Carnival 2018
Venue : Venice
Start Date : Saturday, 27-Jan-2018
End Date : Tuesday, 13-Feb-2018

The Venice Carnival Carnevale di Venzia, is the most recognised and significant cultural gala in the social milieu of the beautiful city of Venice. Celebrated in the month of February every year, the Venice Carnival is an intoxicating cocktail of entertainment, tradition, culture and the history of the land and the people of Venice and Italy as a whole. Venice has the reputation of being a city with class, sophistication, glory and the Gondolas. As a natural consequence, the Venice Carnival is also held in high esteem by the world for its uniqueness. Like many other fiestas around the world, this festival is also celebrated to mark the end of the dull winter and the arrival of the lively spring. The major and central feature of Venice Carnival is the elaborate use of masks. The are masks are of different types and shapes sprinkled with eye catching colors and designs. During the festival the streets and the public places of Venice are literally taken over by masks giving it a very out of the World feel and look. In addition to the masks, the street artists and singers entertain the participants with songs and music with their guitars in the city squares. The Venetian backdrop, the splendid Italian food and wine, a classical soundtrack and a glittering display of fireworks, all these team up to make sure that this festival remains a constant attraction for the world for all times to come.


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