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Pulilan Carabao Festival 2017

Event Name : Pulilan Carabao Festival 2017
Venue : Pulilan
Start Date : Sunday, 14-May-2017
End Date : Monday, 15-May-2017

Pulilan Carabao Festival 2016

Pulilan Carabao Festival treats the most revered water buffaloes or carabao in an imperial way. Before anoint them in the Church square, these revered creatures are properly shaved, their bodies are fabulously massaged with scented oil and are then decked out with hibiscus and frangipani.

It is really a very attention-grabbing festival that involves superb ceremonies to behold. It is celebrated as a commemorative day of San Isidro Labrador in thanks for a plentiful harvest. The sight becomes really imposing when one looks at these painted and almost resembles with an ornament and thus steals your heart away. Besides, once these decorations are done, these San Isidro buffaloes are paraded through the streets to the church square with trucks and floats embellished with all imaginary fruits, flowers and vegetables.

During the ceremony, the local priest asks these reliable source of Philippines to go down to have his blessings, confirming their marvelous health and endurance for the next year.

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