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Nyokum Festival 2019

Photo by: YouTube

Event Name : Nyokum Festival 2019
Venue : Arunachal pradesh
Start Date : Saturday, 23-Feb-2019
End Date : Wednesday, 27-Feb-2019

Nyokum Festival is the most conspicuous celebration of Arunachal Pradesh. Celebrated by the Nyishi clan of Arunachal Pradesh, Nyokum is an exceptionally bright celebration and mirrors the intriguing social legacy and ethnicity of the Nyishi clan. Nyokum Festival is praised each year on 26th February with awesome energy and soul. Furthermore, it has gradually turned into an image of solidarity, amicability, and ethnicity. Nyokum involves two words: Nyok importance land and Kum significance individuals.

The Nyokum Festival is typically celebrated in group grounds where individuals wearing customary garments get together, sing, and move. Amid the celebration, head minister performs ceremonies and petitions are offered to the spirits to bring peace, amicability, and success to the general population. People in conventional clothing clasp hands and get together shaping a circle and play out the customary move as they sing "Nyokum bo tapa debe". A few rivalries that encourage the customary artistic expressions are sorted out amid the celebration.

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