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Cheese Rolling Festival 2018

Event Name : Cheese Rolling Festival 2018
Venue : Gloucestershire
Start Date : Monday, 28-May-2018
End Date : Monday, 28-May-2018

Cheese Rolling Festival 2018

Cheese Rolling Festival is going to take place in Gloucestershire, England and invites countless of cheese lovers from inside and outside UK, who intent to participate in annual Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake. Started since Roman fertility ruins, it includes a very simple celebration that lures eager participants who want to win it. What happens here is that that at noon on the actual day, a very soft, large in size, about 7-lb wheel of ripe Gloucestershire cheese is rolled downhill and chased by the desperate players, who push each other and get injured in an effort to lead in accessing the bottom of the hill.

But, as someone has rightly said that in order to gain one has to loose. So, in spite of all those combative injuries, the runner's up get cash prizes, and the uphill chases-which contain a girl's race, a boy's race and an open race- each is awarded with the first prize of a small cheese.

Before we finish, a 'scramble for sweets' is also arranged for young kids, with sweets being distributed all over the hill and children feel delighted in running around and gather them. The best part about the fest is that no entry fee is charged to the swarm and what only requires is the great potential and desperation to win it.

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