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Chalo Loku Festival 2018

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Event Name : Chalo Loku Festival 2018
Venue : Arunachal pradesh
Start Date : Sunday, 25-Nov-2018
End Date : Sunday, 25-Nov-2018

The most bright celebration of Arunachal Pradesh, Chalo Loku is a gather celebration that is praised in the period of October-November every year; directly after the collect of the paddy field, and before the beginning of the new Jhum development. The celebration got its name from three words: Cha meaning paddy; Lo, which implies season, and Loku, which implies celebration. It goes on for three days, with the principal called Phamlamja, the second day is Chamkatja and the third and last day is called Thanlangja. The feature of the celebration is the rice bear, which is arranged extraordinarily during the current day.

On the primary day i.e. Phamlamja, wild oxen, and pigs are relinquished for the meat, and villagers draw in themselves in boisterous arrangements for the following day. The most essential day of the celebration is second day, otherwise called Chamkatja, as this is the point at which the Chamkat function happens.

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