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Wandering Aimless In The Cheap Countries To Travel

Holiday sans a bit of adventure and thrill is not worth undertaking- many thinks so and implements it in their own scheme of travel ideology. Adventure not necessarily means trying some skiing or rafting expedition under expert supervision and all safety gears. No doubt, there is a sort of assured thrill (though sounds odd and extremely paradoxical) in those stuff; but what about running on a low bank account and planning a vacation?

Sense prevails and the sane creatures around you will say a blunt- NO. But whats wrong in going insane and crazy? Thats not bad always by the way! If you are game for some adventure (real ones) and check how far you can carry on in a foreign land on a low budget the following list is there for you. Take out a print out of the same and choose where you want to see yourself with a lighter wallet by your side.

Fun starts with a old jeans, a discoloured cap, a travel bag, a map and lots of guts...a little money also..

Often known as “The Land of Peaceful Thunder Dragon' , Bhutan is one of the major tourist attraction of South Asia to be visited. Spanning over an area of 18,146 miles, Bhutan is zone to scenic beauty with picturesque mountains, greens and cultural people.

India: This country has everything in its kitty- history, culture, art, sculpture, mountains, rivers, hills, beaches, backwaters and wonderful people. Yet India is considered to be a traveller friendly (here money wise) destination where hotels and guest houses with all the necessary facilities are available at a very low cost. Like Brazil, in India also, a traveller can reach almost all corner of the nation by boarding the train that happens to be one of the largest train network in the world. Shopping in the Indian markets, especially the local ones selling ethnic stuff is a fun ride with lots of variety and of course- bargain!

Mexico: Enamoured by the raw appeal of the Mexican men or blown away by the irresistibly sultry Mexican women, doesn't matter what's your reason to be fascinated by this unique country; it deserves a visit. Though it doesn't come under the typical vacation place, the low cost hotels and food makes it a preferred paradise for the out of the block travellers. With a very weak wallet, you can see the remains of the Mayan civilization, volcano in Toluca and the national capital Mexico City.

Nepal: A total haven for the budget traveller, Nepal's claim to fame is the Mount Everest that has been the point of awe and wonder for the world community. But, the highest point on earth is not all that this beautiful country keeps inside. The capital Kathmandu is a sleepy hill city with the old age charm and a bit of modern glimpses and of course, abysmally low prices! Visit the breathtaking valleys and hills; all you need is the will and spirit and an open heart to mix up with the simple locals.

Sri Lanka: Floating like a pearl on the waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has been climbing the ladder towards becoming a fine tourist destination in South Asian region. A typical island country, Sri Lanka is home to numerous beaches and enchanting landscapes. The capital Colombo is the country in its miniature with all the essence of culture and hospitality packed in it. This is one of the rarest place on earth where beach holidays come in a much reasonable cost. Pick some beaches and some world heritage sites located in different parts of Sri Lanka to explore and still are left with enough money to fly back home in a comfortable aircraft.

Thailand: The kingdom of Thailand is one of the most visited and cheapest destination of the world. Located in centre of South East Asia, Thailand is one of the best tourist destinations with array of travel attractions to explore.

In many occasions in our lives, we realize the fact that, all that comes with a lengthy price tag is not always worth owning and celebrating. It is the value and feel that makes any ordinary substance extraordinary. Money can buy you comfort, not joy; glitz, not peace. If this is so, an inexpensive vacation can also leave you with moments to cherish and derive joy by thinking- How the hell we managed with that paltry money!

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