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World Travel Awards Highlights Importance Of Travel And Tourism

According to Mr. Graham E. Cooke, President and Founder, World Travel Awards, it is clear that the massive attention is being drawn towards the significance of travel and tourism industry. It is so because a positive growth in travel sector will be a blessing to re-build the macro-economic stability across Europe.

World Travel Awards, the Oscars of the travel industry has featured the need in increasing more tourism across Europe so that the ubiquitous debt crises can be reduced. The award show was hailed by The Wall Street Journal, quoted the example of Greece that how the double-digit growth in its tourism produce 18 percent of the economy, accounting for one in five jobs. In the looming World Travel Awards (WTA) 2011 Europe Ceremony, the celebrated travel and tourism brands from across the Continent will be seen struggling for the most influential distinction in travel.

 However, the bright Turkey’s tourism jewel of Antalya is all set to organize its second ceremony at the luxury Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa on 2nd September 2011. The sincere voting will support Europe’s travel leaders in deciding the best nominee fit for the prestigious World Travel Awards amongst Ritz Carlton, Conrad Hotels, Orient Express, etc.

Besides, the President also underscored that why tourism is emerging as a great boon in overcoming Europe's heavy debt crises by quoting the below mentioned statements: He said: ?During times of economic uncertainty world-class brands come into their own, continuing to grow market share and raising their standards to new heights. World Travel Awards winners see struggle not as sign of weakness, but as an opportunity for growth and renewal, and a chance to put their business model through the ultimate test.

Turkey has proven one of the tourism miracles of the global downturn, and hosting our Europe Ceremony will provide an excellent opportunity for the top decision-makers in European travel to experience its world-class facilities first hand.Finally, the President ended up the whole presentation by highlighting that the joint support of event partners like Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Jamaica Tourist Board, etc. and the media associates such as ABTA Magazine, Travel Daily News, Agenzia di Viaggi, and so on will make it a hit travel ceremony.

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