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Must Visit Vineyards to Enjoy the Best Wine in India

Wine lover or just curious tourist and looking for a good place to spend your weekend or that extended weekend? Worry not, for there are many options for you. Let us shatter this myth that for a wine holiday, you have to get your visa in place, India does offer many options and they are within reach for a short holiday. A fun filled wine holiday is just the idea that you must have been looking for. For that you don?t have to fly to California or France, Indian vineyards will serve you well! Wine tourism is here to stay. So, we suggest some great Wine destinations in India to you. The main wine tourist destinations are listed below.

Nashik, Maharashtra is also known as?India?s wine capital and with good reason too, and it is definitely one good destination to which you can plan your holiday. This place is a haven for wine lovers. You can plan a wine tour of Nashik and visit all the famous wineries and vineyards. Whether it is walking through the rows of vines or seeing how the most unadulterated and oldest beverage is made. Add to it the wine tasting experience in every vineyard. Even if you are not a wine enthusiast, this will result in one of the best unforgettable experiences of your lifetime. Western Ghats in the backdrop, green vineyards make Nasik the most popular wine-tasting destination in the country. Sula Vineyards, Tiger Hill vineyards/Chateau Indage, Chateau d?Ori, Valle de Vin/ZampaWines, ND wines and York Winery are some of the vineyards which you can visit. You can put up in the vineyard premises as well as they have their own boarding. Nashik is surely Napa valley of the east. 

Known for its fruit wines, and a flourishing fruit wine industry, Himachal boasts of wines from various fruits, these include apples, plums, peaches, grapes and apricots. It is the pioneer state and the frontrunner in this industry. Himachal fruit wine stalls can be found in railway stations, bus stands, markets, common areas across India. It is no longer an unknown fact that Himachal is the biggest producer of fruit wines. The weather of Himachal Pradesh also makes it ideal for wine making. Stream water is also naturally available in this hill and mountain state. Both these are the must have requirements for any wine maker. Home to the wine industry in Himachal are Solan, Shimla, Mandi and Palampur. Apart from the state owned winery in Himachal Pradesh called the HPMC ltd., selling fruits wines, there are many other premier agro processing companies in Himachal Pradesh. They are worth a mention as they make wines from apples, apricots, peaches, strawberries, cherries, kiwis, rhododendron and pears.  

Shillong, Meghalaya is the destination to head to if you are looking for homemade fruit wines. Shillong is also known as the Scotland of the East. Wine Festival witnessing participation from local wine makers is a hit here. It is organised by Forever Young Sports Club every November. Homemade wines from states like Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Garo hills, Khasi hills etc. are showcased here. Grapes, sohiong (blackberries), strawberry, pear, peach, pineapple, ginger, dates, guava, sohphie nam (myrica nagi), plum, passion fruit, watermelon and mulberry, wines made from coffee, orange, coconut, tomato, hibiscus, rice, celery and green tea etc. have found their way in this festival over the years. Smooth and strong wines from strawberries, pineapples, ginger and plums, a mixture of pears and blackberries, from cucumbers, peaches are made by Khasi wineries. Fruits are locally grown for making these wines. 

Apart from its beautiful, gorgeous weather, Bangalore, Karnataka or more rightly Bengaluru, is also home to vineyards. It has some of the must visit vineyards to enjoy the best wine in India. This South Indian destination is a major tourist attraction for its rich culture, history, scenic beauty. And, you can club this holiday by visiting many of the world class vineyards and wineries that are in the outskirts and around Bengaluru. Acres and acres of vineyards can be found close to Bangalore. Wine festivals are also regularly held in this cosmopolitan city which attracts wine enthusiasts from around the world. Personalised vineyard tours and wine tasting tours, special wine tasting events are also a regular facet of the wine scene of Bangalore and surrounding area?s wineries. So, do not wait any longer, plan your wine holiday today and enjoy the best wines in India!

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