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Most Famous Trains In The World's History

Most Famous Trains In The World's History

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1. The Orient Express 1883

The Orient Express 1883

The Orient Express was a luxury train for passengers traveling from Paris to Istanbul. The train passed six different nations and ten different rail roads. The express was well-known for its sleeping cars, five course meals and its” royal travelers,( including nobles, bureaucrats, diplomats etc. The train stopped traveling to Istanbul in 1977 and in December 2009, the Orient express discontinued its service. 



4. Frontier Mail 1928

Frontier Mail 1928

The Flying Scotsman was the first non-stop express train traveling from London King's Cross to Edinburgh. The train was famous for its luxury services provided to its passengers that included a hairdressing salon, restaurant and bar, also a movie coach for sometime. 

5. The Grand Trunk Express 1929

The Grand Trunk Express 1929

This train is having one of the oldest and longest rail networks which are still used in India.
Its final destination was Peshawar (which is now a city in Pakistan) before the partition of India.
After the partition this train started running between Amritsar and Bombay (Now Mumbai).
It covers up its present day journey in 32 hours passing by 33 halts.

6. The Mallard 1938

The Mallard 1938

The LNER Mallard became the world's fastest train at a fascinating speed of 125.88 mph on July 3, 1938.

The trains traveled for approximately one and half million miles.
The steam locomotive ceased to operate in 1963 and since then Mallard has been a part of National Railway Museum in York. 


7. The Qinghai-Tibet Railway

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway is a wonderful act of engineering that connects Xining, Qinghai Province, to Lhasa, Tibet.
The length of the railway is 1,956 km and It includes the Tanggula Pass, which, at 16,640 feet above sea level, is the world's highest railway. Freights on Lhasa trains are specially made for high elevation environment. 
They provide oxygen supply for each passenger and all the trains has its own on-board medical specialists.

8. The Shinkansen 1964

The Shinkansen 1964

The Japanese Shinkansen, also known as Bullet Trains, is a network of fastest trains in the world with a speed of 200mph.
Shinkansen is run by four Japanese Railway firms. 

The bullet trains were launched in 1964 almost a week before Tokyo Olympics.
The Shinkansen is said to be the busiest high-speed railway in the world in which more than 10 billion passengers travel. 

9. The Super Chief 1937

The Super Chief 1937

The Super Chief train started in May 1937 in Santa Fe. 
It was considered as the finest train of its time which was created with new concepts and ideas that includes diesel power and individual light weight cars. 
The train travels between Chicago to los Angeles in around 39 hours and 45 minutes.

It was the fastest and luxurious train of its time whose charm remained for decades. 
The costly train fee, first class compartments and all-room Super Chief were the features which in no time established a repo for the stylish express. 

10. Indian Pacific 1970

Indian Pacific 1970

The Indian Pacific train gives its passengers one of the most wonderful and indulgent way to discover Australia. 
The Indian Pacific is an Australian passenger rail service that operates between Sydney, on the Pacific Ocean, and Perth, on the Indian Ocean, hence its name.
It is one of the few truly transcontinental trains in the world.

The train first ran in February 1970 after the completion of gauge conversion projects in South and Western Australia.
This train offers you a tour of four days and three nights where you will explore Aussie's magnificent landscapes.
The train is running between the two oceans for more than forty years and so the journey in this special train is considered as one of the great train rides.

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