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Huge Jump on Indian Arrivals – 17% Up in July

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Number of International Visitors in India is Continuously Increasing - India

Recent years have been running great for Indian tourism as the number of international visitors is continuously increasing above expectation of Indian Ministry of Tourism. Recent stats published by Ministry of Tourism shows a total of 736,000 overseas travelers visited India previous month, which is 17.1% higher compared to 628,000 recorded last year at the same time. The report also states that nation’s international tourism receipts also surged 19.5% year-on-year to INR143.19 billion.

According to the stats, the largest portion of these visitors is from Bangladesh (17.3%), followed by the US (16.5%), UK (11.7%), Malaysia (3.5%) and France (3.1%) in the top five of the list. Delhi and Mumbai have received 43% of total visitor arrivals, while Haridaspur land border checkpoint has received 10% of the visitors arrived from Bangladesh.

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