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How To Beat Jet Lag

Disturbed sleep patterns, weakness, and disorientation caused by travelling is known as Jet Lag. When one travels through different time zones, our normal body clock is disturbed and finally that results in wreaking havoc to your sleeping patterns.

1. Leave home well rested
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Take complete rest before you travel. If you have to fly overnight, sleep for a while on the flight. So, it may help you to stay tuned till night once you land at your destination.

2. Change your sleep routine
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A few days before your scheduled date of journey start getting up and going to bed earlier (if you're travelling east) or later (if you're travelling west). In flight, try to maintain your sleep according to your destination's local time.

3. Set your watch according to the destination?s local time
Set your watch according to the destination_1477393316u30.jpg

You should set the time of your watch according to the destination?s local time. The body will take some time to get adjusted with the local time. So try to adjust with the new time zone with your sleep and eating patterns from the flight itself.

4. Fly a Day Early
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If you are flying to attend day long meetings at your destination plan your trip a day earlier. It will help to solve the trouble of jet lag. You can relax for a day and can join with full energy.

5. Chug

Keep some bottled water and stay hydrated. It?s better if you can avoid alcohol during your flight. It can dehydrate your body and can make your internal clock disrupted.

6. Refrigerate

If you are flying at night time of your destination, try to sleep for a while. You can use earplugs to reduce noise and an eyeshade to lessen the light. Turn the air-conditioning switch high. A lower temperature lowers your body?s core temperature and arouses the feel to sleep.

7. Avoid Airline Food
Avoid Airline Food_1477393319u70.jpg

Try to avoid airline food, as it is served according to your local time. It will help make you feel drowsy even if you reach at the destination during day time.

8. Consider the Medical Option
Consider the Medical Option_1477393319u80.jpg

If you are flying in an overnight flight, you can have some sleeping pills (short acting) that can help you to sleep. You must not forget that if a sleeping pill is taken just a little later than it should be on local time, it can aggravate the effects of jet lag.

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