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5 Great Holes that are Real Passage Down the Earth

Holes have never frightened us apart from those having Trypaphobia otherwise holes are bound to enchant any mortal. Holes are something the more and more you get into them, you are flabbergasted to see the Utopian feeling perceived.

Mir Mine - Siberia

Mir Mine holds the title of the largest open diamond mine in the world till date. This is now ofcourse a deserted place which is heralded in the east Siberian region in Russia. This is probably the first mine to open here in 1955 and occupied the entire panorama. The mine is 525 meters deep and is 1,200 m in diameter. The mine is very deep that a vehicle reaching the surface from the bottom would take more than 4 hours time. It is astonishing as why without reason this mine was closed down in the year 2004. Mystery and only mystery!

Kimberley Big Hole - South Africa

Kimberley Big Hole_1429079296u20.jpg

The Kimberley Big Hole is located in the city of Kimberley which is the capital of the Northern Cape of South Africa. Recently due to the mine getting emptied of diamonds, the Kimberley Mines got closed. The Big Hole is 1,500 feet wide and 42 acres at the surface.

Bingham Canyon Mine - Utah

Bingham Canyon Mine_1429079297u30.jpg

Bingham Canyon mine dons its position in Utah. This is an active mine. It is estimated that the mine produces millions of tonnes of valuable metals. But one close look at this big hole and you are sure to freak out to your nerves. The connotation which rightly describes this big hole is behemothic.

Glory Hole - California

glory hole_1429079297u40.jpg

The Glory Hole at Monticello dam is another exemplar of human marvel. This is one of the best man made wonders which even shies nature. This architectural prodigy was designed to help drain water from the above Monticello dam reservoir. The hole pumps 14,440 cubic feet of water every second. It's Bizarre but true! It is said that the water which goes through the hole comes out from the bottom of the Dam. But no body knows the truth and getting clarifications regarding the same from authorities is strictly guarded to.


Image Courtesy: Staticflickr

Great Blue Hole - Belize

Great Blue Hole_1429079297u50.jpg

Talking about Big holes and how can we omit the great Blue hole in Belize. This is said to be one nature's bestowed wonders. An aerial view of this blue hole is mesmerizing enough par definitions. This is a Limestone sinkhole and it measures 300 feet in width and 400 feet in depth. This is a very popular tourist destination especially for divers. Visiting these places is an awe inspiring experience. What could be more beholding than having some of these amazing Holes at your dispense. The mental enigma lingers for time immemorial.

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