Foods of Jodhpur – 8 dishes of Jodhpur Cuisine that you must try when you visit Jodhpur

Foods of Jodhpur – 8 dishes of Jodhpur Cuisine that you must try when you visit Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a big town and has amazing restaurants but you have to know about the Jodhpur Cuisines as well. Jodhpur cuisines are very rich and several Indian dishes are known to be invented from this city. Basically, the Jodhpur Cuisines has some spicy texture in their dishes which is very famous and the place also known for its delicious sweets, tasty and spicy snacks. Numerous classic Rajasthani desserts originated from Jodhpur and it’s a truly a place or food lover’s heaven. From the scrumptious Rajasthani Thali to interesting dishes like Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi and meaty pleasures like Laal Maas, will surely leave you awestruck. Besides, the place is well-known for its famous pyaaz Kachoris, and Pani Patasa which is usually called Panipuri, Makhaniya Lassi, and sweets like delicious Ghewar to tickle your taste buds. So, while traveling to Jodhpur you should try these mouthwatering dishes and make your travel unforgettable.

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Here is a list for you - Foods of Jodhpur – 8 dishes of Jodhpur Cuisine that you must try when you visit Jodhpur

1. Bajre Ki Khichdi

Bajre Ki Khichdi is a well-known traditional dish of Jodhpur and Bajra is an extra ingredient in this dish along with a lot of ghee and some spices. Otherwise, some other ingredients are also used in Bajre ki Khichdi like fresh vegetables such as potatoes, green peas, etc. Mostly Bajre Ki khichdi is eaten in winter as it is very beneficial for health. Well, normal moong dal Khichdi is a popular Indian dish, which is easy to digest and very much healthy. Khichdi is made from rice and moong dal, that are cooked together slowly on medium temperature for a long time.  It’s a normal method of Khichdi.

2. Dal Bati & Churma

It’s a special dish of Rajasthan and it contains three main servings named as Dal which is made of lentils.  Bati which is made with wheat flour, ones is like a ball baked deeply in fire and Churma is sweetened cereal. It’s an iconic traditional food and a lip-smacking dish includes baked bati, dipped in ghee, panchmel or panchkuti dal and jiggery mixed churma. So, the Dal is served with Bati and Churma with Ghee. It takes a long time to prepare this dish as are three servings and all are prepared separately. Dal Bati & Churma is a popular dish which is prepared in almost every functions and occasions.

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3. Mawa Ki Kachori and Pyaaz Kachori

Maka Kachori and Pyaaz Kachori are the signature dish of Jodhpur whereas the Mawa Kachori that is made from khoya & dry fruits, deep fried and then dipped in Sugar Syrup. While Pyaaz Kachori stuffing made of onions, potatoes and spices. Both the dishes are extremely famous and love d by the tourists. It is served by the sweet and tangy imli chutney and spicy aloo sabzi.

4. Laal Maas

Those who are a non-vegetarian lovers they should taste Laal Maas since it’s a famous non-veg dish of Jodhpur. The splendid red meat curry is an astounding combination of mutton, red chilies and hot spices.  It’s a legendry dish of Jodhpur that reflects royalty absolutely excellent in taste. The dish is cooked on slow heat with a distinct smoky flavor and it is served with Tandoori rotis, or Warqi paranthas cooked in ghee.

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5. Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi

Have you ever heard about Gulab Jamun ki sabzi. Yes, this Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi is a very famous dish of Jodhpur which is made with Gulab Jamun. It’s a traditional dish where the Gulab Jamuns are deep fried and dipped in a delicious gravy as it is made from tomatoes and cashew nuts. We can say that it’s a kind of Kofta style dish instead of a classic mithai. If you really want to enjoy this dish then you should try out this dish at a very famous Shandar Restaurant in Jodhpur.

6. Mirchi Bada

If you are looking for a spicy snack so this Mirchi Bada is a perfect snack for you. The Mirchi Bada is a spicy traditional snack of Jodhpur which is made of chili and potatoes stuffed in besan better and is deep fried. It can be served with tomato chutney or green chutney. Most of the tourists demand this mirchi bada as their snacks. If you are in Jodhpur so you must try this dish.

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7. Makhaniya Lassi

Lassi is most loved by the people and this special Jodhpuri Makhaniya lassi is very tasty and healthy. It’s a refreshing drink which is made with yogurt, sugar and a lot of butter. Other ingredients which are used in this lassi like cardamom, saffron are the added for the additional flavor. It is also one of the famed dish which is invented by the Jodhpur.  

8. Rajasthani Thali

Why stop at just Dal Bati Churma and Laal Maas when you have all in one thali. Yes, the Rajasthani Thali offers a delightful food such as churma, gate ki sabzi, Rajasthani Kadhi, wadi, Panchmela Dal, papad ki sabzi, ker sangri, rotla and khichdi along with raitas, lassi, malpua, chaach, thandai, imarti and a lot more in a single platter. Thus, if you are looking for a lip-smacking food so you should choose Rajasthani Thali because it’s a perfect meal that will surely steal your heart.

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