Foods of Australia - 6 dishes of Australian cuisine that you must try when you visit Australia

Foods of Australia - 6 dishes of Australian cuisine that you must try when you visit Australia

Food is one of the most exciting parts of the trip and at times worries the travellers as well if they would like the taste of the nation they are visiting or they will find a cuisine satisfactory for their taste buds. You tend to do some research on the local cuisine before travelling to the country. The food in Australia has a rich variety of meats being prepared by use of grilling, deep-frying, roasting, you can smell the awesome freshly cooked meat at any awesome restaurants. You will find several delicacies in the country right from Kangaroo, Emu meat to beef, fish and other aquatic life meats. You can also look out for local cuisines as street food in the markets in Australia apart from fine dining restaurants. You can enjoy the ultimate fusion of dishes will find toothsome. Apart from meat, you will find some good options for vegetarian food as well. Australia has experienced a lot of immigrations over the period and immigrants have brought some of their food habits which has reflections on this food paradise. Asians have a good amount of population which created the need for vegetarian food and now they have some good veg dishes too.

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Here is a list for you - Foods of Australia - 6 dishes of Australian cuisine that you must try when you visit Australia

1. Barramundi

The dish is named after this delicious fish found in the Asian sea. The dishes are served with soft buttery meat until it gets crispy. A plate with Barramundi is awesome fried dish accompany with some garnishing, sauce, salad on top it to make it yummier for the guest. This dish is one of the staple dishes in the country and you will not only find it in the good quality restaurant however will find some options at the street food counters as well. The simplicity of this dish makes it a must-try once on your tour.

2. Meat Pies

You can't afford to miss out this dish from the list of Australian cuisines to taste. This unconventional dish is prepared with various combinations of meat as per the chef's menu at a different restaurant. This dish can become a very good evening snack or it may suffice you as a one time meal as well. It is also paired with mashed potatoes and gravy along with the authentic meat ingredient to make it a complete meal. This dish depicts the Australian culture and you will find it a very big event organized in the country or even at a simple restaurant. This dish is quite admired by the Australians and they have a huge consumption for the same. Do keep this dish is a must-try one to check the authentic Australian taste.

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3. Chiko Rolls

The inspiration has from the famous spring rolls however the Australians have adapted it and transformed the dish in their way. This is another dish from the cultural kitchen of Australia with rolls filled with multiple vegetables and beef along with it, then deep-fried and served hot. The stuffing of this dish also varies from place to place depending on the chef. These rolls are generally filled with cabbage, carrot, celery, barley, meat and rice. Chiko rolls are more preferred as a one the go snack and you will find it street outlets, train station vending outlets and of course in the restaurants as well.

4. Crab sticks

To your surprise, this dish is called a crab stick however they don't contain a crab. This dish is an indispensable part of the culture of Australia. The main ingredient is whitefish flesh which is processed, reduced to a fine shape similar to crab legs. Then dipped in a batter then fried before it is finally served to the guests. This dish is generally quite appreciated by the kids, so if you are travelling with family don't forget to try this dish.

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5. Barbecued Snags

This is the most authentic Australian taste and it is an inseparable part of their culture. They gather friends and family and enjoy this barbeque dish. You will find snags right from beef, pork and some add on a variety of spices, vegetables and herbs to give some different flavour. They barbeque a variety of meat as sausages which is first dipped in the garlic butter and then placed on the barbeque. Now, we believe you don't need to guess why this is one of the most loved snacks in the country. Australian are so fun-loving that they will take the barbeque in the backyard, parking, beaches almost everywhere and put anything on the barbie to enjoy. You can easily find this dish in any restaurant.

6. John Dory fillets

This is popular fish species found commonly in the Australian waters. It is best when battered and deep-fried then served hot along with chips. You might find it is being served with the plating of mashed potatoes with the salad to enhance the flavours. It is also pan-fried with herbed oil, this versatile fish is a popular food among the natives. Trying this dish would not be a bad idea.

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