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Experiencing The Madness In The 5 most Bizarre Festivals On Earth

Some festivals on earth is truly unique and somewhat crazy in the way it proceeds and the content is possess. In some, you will find Sumo guys freaking up the kids, monkeys in buffet or even gulping down wine with alive tiny fishes.

Baby Jumping Festivals - Spain

This might look cruel and mad apparently, but is in vogue since 1620 in the rural area of Castrillo de Murcia. Locally known as Corpus Christi, this festival is a process to purify the souls of the new born babies. To do so, these babies are laid on the road wrapped in a mattress and grown up men dressed as devil jump over them. Freaky mad, isn't it? It can be very interesting to be a part of these festivals. You will have stories to tell and experiences to blog about. So, just dial up your travel planner.

Crying Baby Festival - Japan

In Japan, a proverb goes like this- 'crying babies grow fast'. Keeping the faith intact the Japanese folk celebrate Konaki Sumo, a festival where kids are held up by the Sumo wrestlers in their traditional clothes and normal huge size. The sheer size and looks of the massive Sumo guys are enough to scare the hell out of the babies and subsequently they cry their lungs out and the one who breaks down first is the winner!

Near-Death Experience Festival - Spain

Known as the Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme is a one of a kind festival held in Las Nieves of Spain. The main motto of this event is to celebrate the people who has had a near death experience in the past. On the very day, these people are carried in coffins and taken to the cemetery and around the church in processions.

Fish-Drinking Festival - Belgium

The Krakelingen festival which is celebrated in Geraardsbergen of Belgium on the last Sunday of February entails a very queer ritual. Here, the people drink red wine with a difference- by drinking alive the grondeling fishes that are doused in the wine. Apart from this bizarre drinking session, this festival marks the hurling of bread rolls.

Monkey Buffet Festival - Thailand

The Lopburi province in Thailand has the reputation of being a unique place with a public buffet for the monkeys. It is basically a ritual to the honour of the Hindu god Hanuman who has monkey origins and devotees lay out loads of fruits and vegetables on the open air tables. And quite predictably it scene becomes messy as the monkeys attack the buffet!

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