Did you know that the world's oldest mummies are not in Egypt?

Did you know that the world's oldest mummies are not in Egypt?

While since ages we have been hearing the stories of mummy and its origin in the Egypt, suddenly the news is all over the place that the world’s oldest mummies are not in Egypt. Did you know that? While Egypt has always been considered to have got the roots of the mummies, it is said that the world’s oldest mummies were found in Chile and that too 2000 years before that of Egypt. Sounds fascinating, right? So if you have yet not been to the driest place on the earth, Africa, Chile you have got a reason to plan a trip soon. Here is all you need to know about the world’s oldest mummies in Chile

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Here is a list for you - Did you know that the world's oldest mummies are not in Egypt?

1. More than hundreds of mummies preserved

It is said than there are more than 300 mummies of the ancient Chinchorro people that the Chile has managed to preserve. However due to lack of resources, care and attention only about 10 percent of them are available for display. We hope that soon Chile gets enough support of UNESCO to be able to preserve these mummies.

2. Most important mummies

Most popular mummies that can be found here are that of babies because of inability for babies to survive in such hot climate. There are two kinds of mummies found in Chile: the red and black ones. The black mummies are formed by tearing the body of the dead person apart while the red mummies are formed by removing the internal organs. However to know the details of the world’s oldest mummies we need to visit Chile soon.

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3. Preserving Chile’s heritage

1. Although Chile has proposed the protection and conservation of its national heritage the initiative seems to take shape by 2020. Till now the government has limited exposing these mummies for tourism until it manages to get some attention. 

2. The first time these mummies were discovered in the beaches in Africa. 

3. Since the news of these mummies came into the picture, Chile is becoming one of the hotspot for the tourists, archeologists, anthropologists and historians all around the world. We hope that the mummies soon attain the protection and preservation under UNESCO but how about visiting the mysterious place for once and have a closer glance at these mummies?

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