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Top Spiritual Travel Bloggers in India

Travelers who are interested in Spritual Places across India, then these blogs are best for their information.  

1. Arti - www.myyatradiary.com

My Yatra Diary... is a travel blog by Arti - a 20 something girl with an inherited travel gene, often found on the road travelling with her best friend, inspiration and guide - her father. As the name suggests her blog is focused primarily on her yatras and chronicles her travel experiences that cover an array of articles right from where she stayed, what she ate, the places she visited, the people she met, etc. It is almost like embarking on the same journey again!

Arti loves travelling to spiritual places and considers her external yatras as continuous learning journeys within; a journey where she seeks to experience and discover the real treasures of this life someday. Besides helping her own self, My Yatra Diary... also aims to help those planning to make a trip to these places or simply provide a virtual tour to the rest.

2. Padmapriya T S - aalayamkanden.blogspot.in

The purpose of Aalayam Kanden is to create awareness about lesser known heritage sites, to educate travellers about the historical, mythological and epigraphical background of each site, thereby encouraging and motivating them to visit and in turn helping the sustainability of these rare treasures.

3. Bhushavali - travel.bhushavali.com

She is a Fashion & Textile Designer by profession and an ardent traveler by passion. She is a wanderlust, love to travel and hate crowds. So by default, she venture to places where many don’t venture.

Bhushavali find new places which are roads less traveled. She love bike riding and enjoy the journey herself, as much as the destination. Her area of interest in travel lies in everything, but esp, in Eco-tour and Heritage and a bit of adventure too. And a compilation of all this, is her Travelogue.

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