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Andaman & Nicobar Shopping guide - the must visit shopping places in Andaman for all budgets

Andaman & Nicobar Shopping guide - the must visit shopping places in Andaman for all budgets

Port Blair is the synonym of shopping in the Andaman. As it is the major place for some really amazing and also different shopping spots such as shopping centers, regional markets, beach markets, etc. Tourists can explore the Port Blair thoroughly for their shopping desires which are indeed the shopaholics’ paradise

A beautiful island boasts with a peaceful atmosphere and also stunning views of sea and sky, there’s nothing not to like about Andaman. Andaman is also registered as one of the most recommended destinations in India for the tourist of both India and the world. Andaman is known for the various fun-loving activities like snorkeling, diving, and other water-related sports/activities. Apart from that, Andaman is also known as islands serving a peaceful and relaxing place for enjoying a long peaceful beach holiday.

There is no scarcity of things to do, as you will have a lot of things to do in Andaman, and there is one thing that nobody misses during the Andaman tour is shopping in Andaman which is a unique experience in itself. The beach markets and other charming little shops always buzzing with the people. Andaman tourism is thriving not because of only water and adventure here but because of its handicrafts and artistic products created by the hardworking, skilled craftsmen. So, don’t wait, go ahead and treat yourself with an amazing shopping in Andaman, here is the list of the places where you can head out for an unforgettable shopping journey in Andaman & Nicobar.

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1. Aberdeen Bazaar

This is the main market in Port Blair and tourists can find a large variety of products and items for their use. One can find anything here ranges from simple household goods to unique handicrafts, and this is the place where the shopaholic in you will not go unsatisfied.

This is also a wonderful place to put your negotiating skills to check and obtain the best costs from the shopkeepers in simple words bargaining here is possible and you can get your favorite products at cheaper prices. Your experience can be smoother if you can bring someone who can speak the local language.

2. Sagarika

Sagarika is located in Port Blair which is an initiative by the Government of Andaman for encouraging and advertising the invention of local people and provide them with a platform for self-employment. Here people showcase their skill by their inventions made out of wood, seashells, and also jute. All these products are hand-made as well as make for wonderful souvenirs to take back home as a memory of your vacation. Apart from handicrafts, this emporium also sells apparel, mirrors, pearls, etc.

3. Electric Plaza

This is again a very important place for shopping in Port Blair, but here prominent products are electrical goods and that would probably be in the end of your shopping list when you will be moving back to your home. The products sold here are of high quality with value for money deal. This market is also like a solution spot for those tourists who fail to bring their chargers and other accessories of very much importance, as they can purchase those accessories for not missing memory and experience in Andaman.

4. Shell-Based Products Markets

This is a very unique market in Andaman. All the items that you will see here will be covered and decorated with the seashells. From Jewellery, bags to lams all decorated with seashells are sold in most of the shops of this amazing market. You will surely buy these beautiful and unique souvenirs to take back home. These articles have not come up only with the good quality but also a light on the pocket that will entice you more to take some along with you.

Queen Sea Shell Craft has incredible seashell products in the store where almost everything made out of seashells here is on sale.

5. MG Road

Just like any other tourist destination city in India, Port Blair also has a place name MG Road which is also the shopping hub of Port Blair as it is the only place in the city where travelers can find every type of shop. The price range of the products and items here are suitable for every budget, household, and luxurious items. The place doesn’t have only shops but also has affluent resorts, eateries, and hotels due to the increased rate of tourism.

6. Queen Sea Covering Craft

This is the place where one can purchase beautiful souvenirs like bamboo cane crafts, coconut shell lamps, and also lovely fashionable accessories made up of shells. Unique articles like a shell made earrings are the things which make female visitors fall in love with this place. Apart from that, various other jewelry items that are also made up of seashells sold here are bracelets, pendants, etc. This is the reason why the place is very popular among the young crowd especially among the young female crowd who travel to Andaman.

Being a nature paradise, Andaman is also a place that offers various activities for the entertainment and fun of the tourists, and hence shopping is also one among the various things to do in Andaman.

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