5 States With Longest roads in india

5 States With Longest roads in india

India has world?s second largest road network with its National Highways covering a distance of 92,851.07 kms. These highways form the backbone of the country's strong transport network across 29 states. Take a look at the 5 states with the longest highways, according to National Highways Authority of India?s latest data.

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Here is a list for you - 5 States With Longest roads in india

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1. Uttar Pradesh

-Uttar Pradesh was also called Northern Provinces during British era.

-It has the second largest road network in India after Maharashtra.

-The longest highway (752 km) is located in Uttar Pradesh

-It consists of 31 National Highways

-An urban road network of over 50,000 kms!

-Its area of 2,36,286, sq kms.

-Total Length: 7,863 kms

-Length of NH/1000 sq km: 33 kms

-Length of NH/lakh population: 3.9 kms


2. Rajasthan

-Rajasthan has a total length of 6,373 km of national highways

-Well connected network of 1, 50,876 kilometers of roadways that run through the length and breadth of Rajasthan

-Length of NH/1000 sq km: 22.8 kms

-Length of NH/lakh population: 11.4 kms

-India's first 4?8 lane highway NH 8 which links New Delhi with Mumbai goes mainly through Rajasthan.

-The longest in Rajasthan is the NH15 that stretches from Punjab border to Gujarat border


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3. Madhya Pradesh

-Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state in India after Rajasthan

-It has 5,027Kms of national highway

-NH 3 is the lengthiest among the national highways in the state

-It stretches from Rajasthan border up to Maharashtra border.

-NH7, NH75, NH12, NH26 and NH59 are among the major highways in Madhya Pradesh.

-Total Length: 5,184.57

-Length of NH/1000 sq km: 16.8 kms

-Length of NH/lakh population: 7.1 kms


4. Tamil Nadu

-Tamil Nadu has 24 National Highways

-It takes the fourth position with 4,832kms of national highways.

-NH 45 and NH 7 are the lengthiest highway in TN

-NH45 is one among the busiest national Highways in southern India

-Length of NH/1000 sq km: 38.5 kms

-Length of NH/lakh population: 6.9 kms

-Twelve highways run within Tamil Nadu, four are shared with Kerala, two shared with Andhra Pradesh and three shared with Karnataka and three shared with multiple states.


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5. Andhra Pradesh

-Andhra Pradesh is on the fifth place with 4,537kms of national highways

-It covers an overall span of 91,313 miles or 146,954 km.

-NH5 is the longest national Highway in Andhra Pradesh

-This highway also goes through the states of Tamil Nadu and Orissa

-NH5 has 1000km of length in AP itself.

-NH7, NH9, NH18 and NH205 are other major highways of Andhra Pradesh.

-National Highways (covering 2,949 km or 1,832 miles)

-State Highways (spanning 42,511 km or 26,415 miles)

-District Roads (covering 101,484 km or 63,059 miles)

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