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10 Best Places to Visit Near Shimla

1. Viceregal Lodge - Shimla
Viceregal Lodge_1451898216e11.jpg

2. Jakhu Temple - Shimla
Jakhu Temple_1451898216u20.jpg

3. The Ridge - Shimla
The Ridge_1451898217u30.JPG Photo by: Fabhres

4. Annandale - Shimla
Annandale_1451898217u40.jpg Photo by: Flickr

5. Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex - Shimla
Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex_1451898217u50.JPG

6. Shimla Christ Church - Shimla
Shimla Christ Church_1451898219u60.JPG

7. Jakhoo Hill - Shimla
Jakhoo Hill_1451898219u70.jpg Photo by: Wonders

8. Green Valley - Shimla
Green Valley_1451898219u80.jpg Photo by: Ytimg

9. Scandal Point - Shimla
Scandal Point_1451898220u90.jpg Photo by: Ixigo

10. Shimla Glen - Shimla
Shimla Glen_1451898220u100.jpg Photo by: Ixigo

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