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Destination: Malta
Malta and its prehistoric civilization really means a lot who are interested in exploring low and rocky with coastal cliffs. The dramatic locations of Malta have superb strategic significance.Malta is also considered as the microcosm of the Mediterranean Sea plus has been a fusion of internationally eminent recreational areas and historical compositions along with nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The geography of Malta underlines many attention-grabbing facts. First, it is a Western European Country, officially referred to as Republic of Malta. It is primarily a group of seven isles positioned in the heart of Mediterranean Sea, out of which, only three are left which are Malta, Comino and Gozo. Overall, it covers a land area of 300 km, containing an archipelago amid the Sea, east of Tunisia (288km), with the Strait of Gibraltar (1,826 km) to the west and Alexandria (1,510 km) to the east and 93 km south of Sicily. Further, it was announced as an independent country in year 1964. Valletta (de facto) is its capital city and natives here usually communicate in Maltese and English, which are the native languages of the country. Malta government gives huge importance to its tourism sector. Holidaying in Malta excites motivates you to travel in and around various mystifying near year-round sun and thus engross you in various outdoor activities. You are also able to discover 7000 years of history yet ardently present in modern world plus astounding collection of things to observe. However, the deep Islands' scenery, honey-colored stone, profound blues of the Sea and architecture that without doubt bestow a tremendous milieu in front of you.

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