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Jetty Point, Langkawi

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About Jetty Point, Langkawi

The Jetty Point is one of the most visited tourist destination in Malaysia. There are number of must-visit places in Langkawi, which you must not miss to visit if you are here for the first time. Earlier, it was a simple tiny harbor only. In recent days, scenario is changed a lot and instead it has turned into a completely decorated duty-free shopping centre. It is also the entry point by sea to Langkawi. There is giant statue of a soaring eagle at the famous Eagle Square. If someone is getting into the Langkawi, then this is obviously the starting point. The island is quite famous for housing this huge eagle. Basically the Jetty Point is an ideal place to get maximum modern facilities. One can shop, eat, and can buy tickets for boat and tour packages. The boats arrive and depart from here. Without going for air journey try for a boat ride, because it is cheaper, as well as convenient. Boats are quite well maintained and air-conditioned to offer you a comfortable journey. Reaching to the mainland, like Penang or Thailand can be a wonderful experience for those, who didnt try the boat journey yet. People, who want to just try the boat riding, can go for a short ride from the jetty to Kuala Kedah, Penang Kuala, Perlis, or to Satun in Thailand. There are number of small tour offices around the Jetty, so you can buy your tickets from any of them. Different tour operators are also there to offer you some good options. Rental cars and motorcycles are also found here. So if you can produce an international driving license, then motorcycle will be the best option for your tour, as these are much cheaper than any other vehicles. Through your license, you can hire a car as well. But, if you are here with your family, and if you do not have an international license, then go for a hired taxi. For the shopaholics, the Jetty offers the best options. Many of the items are available at a reasonable range, as the stuffs sold there are all duty-free i.e. the items are not taxed. So, after a satisfactory shopping, if you feel like having some food, Just move on to the famous food court within walking distance. Seafoods are delicious here. Yet, if you have some more leisure time, then just get into the amusement center very much close to the Jetty Point Mall.

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