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Tons Valley

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About Tons Valley

Tons Valley is a region in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. This region is located in Netwar, and it is one of the most intriguing places in the entire state. Tons Valley differs from all the other locations through the temples present in the valley. A key feature of these temples is the fact that the temples in this valley are all dedicated to the Kauravas - antagonists in the popular Mahabharata folklore. The residents of Tons Valley worship the Kaurava clan from the Mahabharata as Gods, and there are many temples in this valley dedicated to prominent Kaurava figures like Karna and Duryodhana, portraying them as Gods. This is because the people of Tons Valley identify themselves as part of the Kaurava army from the ancient ages.

There are many other temples in this valley as well, and some of them are dedicated to the chief deity Lord Shiva. The temple dedicated to Karna is the most popular temple in the region. This temple is located in a small village called Sarnaul which is located a small distance away from the valley.

Another famous temple in the valley is the Pokhu Devta valley. Although similar to Karna's temple in architecture, the insides of this temple resemble a sacrificial chamber. The face of the deity is rumored to be too intense and it is never shown to the visiting public.

Fast Facts


Summer: 25 - 38 C
Winter: 1 to 15 C

Best Season:

Throughout the year

Getting to Tons Valley


Trains to Tons Valley can be taken till the nearest railway station, located in the city of Dehradun. Dehradun lies at a distance of 175 kilometers from the Tons Valley region, and buses will be available from the railway station in Dehradun to Tons Valley. Trains to Dehradun will be available from all locations including Jammu Tawi, New Delhi, Howrah, Ujjain, Mumbai, Okha and Allahabad.


Tons Valley can easily be reached through the many buses that ply to the town of Netwar.

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