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Jantar Mantar, Delhi

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About Jantar Mantar, Delhi

Comes as a curious creation of Raja Jai Singh II of Jaipur, Jantar Mantar is an exceptional astronomical observatory situated between 1724 and 1730 in Delhi, India. It is a remarkable building constructed with an idea to support the astrologers involved in observing the movements of Sun, Moon & other planets. Jantar Mantar literally means instrument of calculation is one of the five observatories located in popular cities of India namely Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi, Ujjain & Mathura. While entering Jantar Mantar you may see a huge-sized Samrat Yantra just outside the building. Towards the south of Samrat Yantra lies an attention-grabbing instrument called Jai Prakash, equipped with two concave hemispherical structures, purposely used to decide the position of sun and celestial bodies. Erected of brick rubble that is plastered in lime Jantar Mantar of Delhi exhibits promising grandeur. Due to the presence of countless tall buildings that enclose this observatory the instruments kept inside no longer give accurate observations. Moreover, it is also whispered that the formation of Jantar Mantar holds an ear-giving legend which says that once a heated argument took place between Hindu and Muslims regarding the certain planetary positions. And when this matter came into the notice of Jai Singh, who was an ardent fan of astronomy, decided to provide utmost solution of this problem by rectifying the present astronomical tables. And once this offer was accepted by the Mughal emperor this led to the formation of Jantar Mantar.

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