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Gates of Ahmedabad

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About Gates of Ahmedabad

The Gates of Ahmedabad were built during different times starting from 1411 as the entrances to the walled city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. These entrances to the town has a unique name and history. Pretty an awful lot the area surrounding these gates have adopted the name of the gate as the call of the locality. Each of the gate has lovely carvings, calligraphy and some of them even balconies.

Ahmedabad become based over the historical settlement of Ashaval in 1411 by means of Ahmed Shah I of Gujarat Sultanate. He built the first fort Bhadra Fort starting from Manek Burj, the primary bastion of the city. The Bhadra Fort had 8 gates except palace gates. When the city multiplied, Ahmed Shah built the second one fortress which changed into later fortified by using Mahmud Begada in 1486. The 2nd fortress had twelve important gates and different smaller gates. After arrival of railways, British constructed two greater gates to facilitate the motion. Later the citywalls had been demolished leaving the gates as monuments.

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Ahmedabad Tour Packages

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