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Bharatpur, Bird Paradise : It is not the beauty or the variety but sheer enormity of the region and the ease with which the birds have accepted this meager offering from us human, makes Bharatpur area and its surroundings a paradise to visit.

Prince Bhamji of Morvi (Gujarat) was instrumental in mooting the idea and implementing it by converting this area into a wildlife reserve. It was a common practice to organize Duck shoots almost every year in honour of Viceroy Lord Curzon. Bharatpur used to be one of the most important princely states located on the edges of Thar Desert.

The land being marshy was always conducive for birds and animals searching water to quench their parched lips and throats. The best part about Bharatpur is the location of the place which is very convenient for tourists from many states to access it. The area being a part of desert experiences extreme climates.

Founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733, Bharatpur was once the capital of Jat Kingdom ruled by Sinsinwar Maharajas. In fact, this land of the Jats has its own historical significance and tells many stories of braveries against the attacks by Mughals and the British. The area is also famous for the forts, palaces and the Mughal and Rajput architecture visible almost everywhere. The Land, its people and the architecture tell an impassive story about these fighters who survived and flourished in these hostile conditions.

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Summer: 32 to 46 C
Winter: 5 to 29 C

Best Season:

Oct - Mar

Getting to Bharatpur


Nearest International Airport is Delhi, which is about 184 km away. Delhi is well connected to all major cities in India and abroad. Agra's Kheria Airport is the nearest domestic terminal, which is about 45 km away.


Bharatpur being in the central railway zone, is well connected to Jaipur, Mumbai (Goldn Temple Ml), Ahmedabad (Af Adi Sf Exp), Delhi (Nizamuddin Exp) and other major cities of India.


State owned bus services are available from Agra, Fatepur Sikri, Japiur and many other cities in North India. Tourist service providers arrange deluxe buses from New Delhi (220 km), Jaipur (182 km) and Alwar (120 km).

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