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Bumba Meu Boi

Event Name : Bumba Meu Boi
Venue : Various Parts of Brazil
Start Date : Friday, 29-Jun-2018
End Date : Sunday, 01-Jul-2018

The land of Samba- Brazil is a place where celebrations and carnivals are at its best. One of the most popular festivals in this exotic country is the Bumba Meu Boi, considered to be the richest representations of Brazilian folklore. This a three day fest celebrated with vigor and gaiety in Brazil. Bumba Meu Boi is a beautiful musical, theatrical, and a religious expression of Brazilian people. Basically it is a parade of human, animal and other creatures taken from Brazilian Mythology and beautifully represented in comic dance form. Though Bumba Meu Boi is typical of Brazil, it is highly influenced by the cultures Europe, Africa and India. Similar kind of events are found in Portugal Ox Canasta and Dahomey Donkey Punch. Bumba Meu Boi is centered on a tale between a farmer and a farm worker with a bull as the main topic. The festival started on a modest scale in 1913 as a simple street procession. Now the feast of Bumba Meu Boi is a kind of popular opera exhibited annually. Bullock is the principal figure of representation. It is made of a wood, structured and shaped like a bull, covered by a painted or embroidered fabric. This wooden dress is worn by the lead dancer who is the center of the bumba-meu-boi celebration. This festival is majorly celebrated in North and North Eastern Part of Brazil. Music is a key element in the Bumba Meu Boi. The singing is usually collective, accompanied by rattles, tambourines, drums and zabumbas. It is sometimes supplemented by more sophisticated tools, such as trombones, clarinets, etc. Enjoy this festival along with all other attractions of Brazil.


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