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Best 11 Days 10 Nights Germany Romantic Vacation Package 1

Best 11 Days 10 Nights Germany Romantic Vacation Package

Cox & Kings Holiday Club   (38 ratings)
Price(per person)
11 Days
Trip Duration

Day wise Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrive Berlin

Departure Dates as mentioned below

May 2019 - 09, 21, 28
June 2019 - 11, 18, 25
July 2019 - 16
Known for its history and culture-rich character, Berlin is a city of might and architectural beauty and it also makes for a great start to any European tour which is why we chose the German capital to kick off our expedition.

Arrive in Berlin today, clear our customs and immigration procedures and head out to meet our warm and friendly Cox & Kings representative, who will transfer us to the hotel and ensure that we are comfortably settled in our rooms check-In after 1600 hours.

To wade off our exhaustion from the long flight, we rest it out at the hotel, stepping out only for a delicious dinner.

Overnight in Berlin.

Dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 2 : Berlin

We dedicate today to exploring all the worth-seeing destinations of this German town that boasts of a sad yet strong historical backdrop. We begin our guided city tour of Berlin viewing all the iconic monuments of the city such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, the Gendarmenmarkt Square with the Deutscher Dom and the French Cathedral, the Victoria Column, etc.

Then, proceed to a restaurant for lunch before heading to our next stop, the terribly tragic Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. Once one of the most brutal prisons, the site is now a memorial to all prisoners who lost their lives here. Turned into a museum and library, the site holds several exhibits that give you a glimpse of the barracks, the prison, the kitchen and the commandant's office from the original site plan.

After having taken a journey into the tragic past of Nazi Germany, move on to the structure that's a beacon of hope and might in modern-day Germany. . . . . the Reichstag Building. The original building designed in Italian Renaissance style was home to German Parliament until 1933 when it witnessed an arson attack. It wasn't until 1999 that the building was reinstated as the seat of the Parliament after it was reconstructed. The new structure is an exemplary monument of Renaissance and Postmodernist elements amalgamated in surprisingly balanced harmony. While the outer facade still reflects hints of Renaissance art, the new building comprises a magnificent glass and steel dome that not only keeps the building ventilated but also gives a spectacular 360 degree view of the Berlin city. The dome is accessible via a spiral staircase.

Having spent considerable time on the Reichstag's roof terrace and at the dome, we make our way to a restaurant for dinner before heading back to the hotel.

Overnight in Berlin.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at Indian restaurant

Day 3 : Berlin - Prague

After yesterday's enriching experience, today comes as a relatively relaxed day as we make our way to Prague.

Hit the road immediately after breakfast making a pit stop at Dresden. On our guided city tour of Dresden, look around this art and architecture-rich town, often dubbed the Baroque city, though hints of Renaissance art became prominent ever since the city's resurrection post-World War II. From Frauenkirche the Church topped with Europe's largest dome to the Zwinger Palace one of the most beautiful examples of Baroque architecture complemented with exquisitely ornamented pavillions and gardens to the Dresden Cathedral to that of the Semperoper, our guided city tour of Dresden takes us past many architectural treasures of the city.

Tired and famished as we are, head for a delectable lunch that will be served at an Indian restaurant.

Then, continue to drive all the way to Prague where we check-in to the hotel and have some leisure time to sit back and relax. All we've got on our evening agenda is a quick trip to the restaurant for dinner.

Overnight in Prague.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 4 : Prague

You know a city ought to be utterly beautiful in every sense for it to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a whole. From striking examples of Gothic architecture to marvellous Baroque structures to that of the brilliant odes to Renaissance and Modernism, the city boasts of an 1100-year old skyline, one that's as captivating as it is intriguing. And today is our chance to journey back into the past as we meander through the streets of this beautiful urbanised historic capital of the Czech Republic.

We begin our day with a wholesome breakfast, of course, post which we set out to explore Prague. Our first stop: the Prague Castle. A visit to this castle alone is enough to witness the architectural styles of ious eras, reconstructed as it was several times since it was first built in the 9th century. While the Royal Castle is a harmonious emblem of different artistic movements, there are other worthwhile structures housed within the walls of the castle. St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George's Bascillica, the Powder Tower and the Golden Lane to name a few.

Our guided city tour then takes us past other worthy attractions of the town including the Charles Bridge, the Vltava River, the Old Town Square, the Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock, etc.

Then, proceed to a restaurant for lunch post which we enjoy some leisure time in the city for self-exploration.

Bringing the day to a close, head back to the hotel but not without feasting on a delicious dinner at an Indian restaurant.

Overnight in Prague.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant
Hotel : Hotel Duo Or Similar, Prague

Day 5 : Prague - Vienna

Before we bid adieu to the Czech Republic, we have another gem to discover? the Cesky Krumlov. This tiny little town that can be covered from end to end on foot in a mere 20 minutes marked with an old world opulence has everything it takes to make it a popular tourist destination; from being on UNESCO's World Heritage list to being capped with ancient architectural beauty to that of being a river-side resort city.

In our orientation tour of the city, visit the Cesky Krumlov Castle which boasts as much of a plush interior as it does of an astounding exterior with vast gardens and castle ground. Atop the castle tower is where you see the city and the river below at its scenic best.

After this walking excursion, we grab our lunch and continue to drive along the beautiful Czech-Austrian stretches to arrive at the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Once in town, we check-in to the hotel and then head out for dinner before calling it a night.

Overnight in Vienna.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 6 : Vienna

After breakfast today, we kick-off our guided city tour of Vienna. Boasting of great Baroque architectural masterpieces opulent streetscapes and extravagant palaces, the city is a hub of cultural treasures that are both, awe-inspiring and overwhelming at the same time. We take in this structural beauty of the town as our guided tour take us past the Opera House, the Rathaus or the Town Hall, St. Stephen's Church, Hofburg Palace, Belvedere Palace and a few others.

The brightest shining gem in the long list of historical monuments the city houses is the Schonbrunn Palace. Apart from the majestic Baroque Palace, the Schonbrunn complex is also home to a few other buildings and an extensive garden. With aesthetic excellence overflowing from every corner of this gigantic complex, it is apparent why the palace deserves its spot on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After this rich historic trip, head to a restaurant to feast on a yummy lunch.

To end our Vienna tour on a lighter note, we take some leisure time at the Karntner Strasse taking in the feel of the city and also indulging in some splurge and bagging a few souvenirs too.

Then, proceed to a restaurant for dinner before heading back to the hotel.

Overnight in Vienna.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant
Hotel : Hotel Wiental Or Similar, Vienna

Day 7 : Vienna - Budapest

Today, after breakfast, head out to a nation that's known as much for its dramatic natural landscape as it is for its historic castles? Slovakia. Naturally then, our drive is going to be quite a scenic one. And what better way to get an essence of this nation than a guided tour of its capital, Bratislava, the city that's strategically positioned between vineyard-cloaked mountains on one side and the green watered Danube River on the other.

After enjoying the city's scenic backdrops, we begin our guided tour of Bratislava that takes us past some of the most sought-after attractions of the town such as the Bratislava Castle, the Town Square, the Most Slovenskeho narodneho povstanie or the UFO Bridge and many others.

Then, continue driving along the picturesque stretches of Slovakia to reach our next destination, the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Once here, waste no time and embark on a water voyage cruising on the Danube River getting a surrealistic picture of this beautiful and architecturally harmonious town.

Then, proceed to an Indian restaurant for dinner before checking-in to the hotel.

Overnight in Budapest.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 8 : Budapest

Simply put Budapest is a converging point where several artistic styles merge together to give one architectural masterpiece of a city. From Gothic to Neo-Gothic to Renaissance to Baroque, the city boasts of an interesting mix of them all. But what makes this vibrant and colourful city so much more appealing is the fact that despite this eclecticism, the dome and the spire-laced skyline of the town appears to be in complete harmony. And our schedule for today comprises exploring this utterly gorgeous town.

Post breakfast, we embark on a guided city tour of the city that allows us to absorb in this harmony in eclecticity as we move past the Fisherman's Bastion, the statue of St. Stephan on Horseback, the Old Town, the Chain Bridge, the Heroes' Square and several other attractions.

Next, proceed to see the traditional Hungarian Horsemanship Show where we witness the acute equestrian skills of the Magyar cowboys at a vast ranch of the Great Hungarian Plain. Still recovering from the awe-inspiring stunts, we proceed to a restaurant to grab our lunch.

Then, head back to Budapest and spend some leisure time strolling on the crowded and fashionable Vaci Street which is a true reflection of the town's urban vibe.

Then, make way to a restaurant for dinner before heading back to the hotel.

Overnight in Budapest.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant
Hotel : Danubius Hotel Arena Or Similar, Budapest

Day 9 : Budapest - Zagreb

Today, gear up for a long drive that will take us from Budapest to the Croatian capital, Zagreb. Despite the long stretch, the comfort stop and the spectacular views all along ensure that the drive isn't too hectic or boring.

On arrival in Zagreb, head straight to a restaurant for lunch before we go on a guided excursion of exploring the town that proudly exhibits the coexistence of a rich historic past with a modern vibe. And Zagreb does it with the fine distinction of the Upper Town and the Lower Town. While the cobblestoned streets and ancient architectural structures of the Upper Town bring our the city's historic nature, the upbeat and modern Lower Town ensures its recognition as an urban capital. Our guided tour takes us past St. Mary's Church with its multi-coloured tile roof, the Baroque Church of St. Catherine, the Cathedral of St. Stephen and the Parliament with the Government Palace in the Upper Town. We then take our tour down to the Lower Town marvelling at the architectural excellence of the 19th century National Theatre, Museum of Arts and Crafts and the statue of Ban Jelacic.

Ending our guided tour with our favourite past time, aka, shopping, we make our way to the Ilica Street, the longest and busiest street in town which boasts of a wide range of collectables ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Then, eat up dinner at a restaurant, head to the hotel and check-in.

Overnight in Zagreb.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 10 : Zagreb

Today, we take our excursion to Slovenia, a country that can best be described as an earthly paradise. Despite its small size, the country has a surprisingly high concentration of all things gorgeous from snow-capped Alpines and turquoise green rivers to Alpine villages and cliffside castles. It's no wonder then that the city has long since been d a green destination.

After breakfast today, proceed to one of the most visited Slovenian destinations and also one of the most exquisite cave systems in the world, Postojna Caves. Boasting, as the cave is, of an underground stretch of 20 km divided into chambers, hallways and galleries, a visit here is an absolutely unforgettable experience. Here, we take a train tour of this underground world and explore a bit on foot too.

After this out-worldly experience, we head to the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, where we make a pit stop to quickly grab our lunch and proceed to our next destination. . . . . Lake Bled. Though the emerald green water surrounded by dense green trees combined with the views of the Julien Alps and that of a castle perched up a cliff are undoubted contributors to the lake's popularity, the highlight here is the islet that holds the Pilgrimage Church ofthe Assumption of Mary. We take a ride on the traditional wooden boat, Pletna, to visit this church that seems to have appeared right out of our fairytale fantasy.

Then, head back to Zagreb and head to the hotel after enjoying a sumptuous dinner.

Overnight in Zagreb.

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at an Indian restaurant

Day 11 : Homeward Bound

With ample delightful memories, a phone-full of selfies and pictures and a bag stuffed with souvenirs, set out for the airport in Zagreb and board the flight back home, happy with the wonderful holiday we just had and yet sad to see its end.

Please do give us your valuable feedback on feedback@coxandkings. com.

Breakfast at the hotel







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BerlinHotel Holiday Inn Berlin Airport Or Similar5 ★Day 1
BerlinHotel Holiday Inn Berlin Airport Or Similar5 ★Day 2
PragueHotel Duo Or Similar5 ★Day 3
PragueHotel Duo Or Similar5 ★Day 4
ViennaAdmiral Hotel Or Similar5 ★Day 5
ViennaAdmiral Hotel Or Similar5 ★Day 6
BudapestMercure Budapest Buda Hotel Or Similar5 ★Day 7
BudapestMercure Budapest Buda Hotel Or Similar5 ★Day 8
ZagrebHotel Royal Airport Or Similar5 ★Day 9
ZagrebHotel Royal Airport Or Similar5 ★Day 10

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