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Destination: Cyprus
As long as you desire to live, the cocoon of Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus promises to give you a wonderful travel experience. Coming to this island country is like a full-fledged celebration, especially, if you long to sail in the water. However, the deep love of Cypriots, colorful history, and a legitimate buffet of culinary pleasures are all sorted to leave you wanting more.Cyprus, or often called as the Republic of Cyprus is a small size third largest island in the Mediterranean completely dedicated to present you delightful vacations. It is very close to the countries like Egypt, Turkey and Syria, and is thus the most popular tourist hotspot. Its capital is Nicosia and the inhabitants generally prefer to communicate in Greek and Turkish. Owing to the fact that it has been a British colony from 1878 until 1960, so you may also observe English widely spoken here. Cyprus travel is altogether a different experience. It is so because it astounds you with its barren and faded image during summers that suddenly changes to luxuriant vegetation of winters, with carob and olive trees as well as pine forests on the mountains. Further, the isle emerges a bliss on the earth when memorable weddings and enterprising honeymoons take place here on large scale. The scene sends you in dreamland where you are completely ignored to the mundane affairs. However, its main towns like Ayia Napa are the best amongst flamboyant night parties, and a picture-prefect rejuvenating beach experience.

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