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Top 10 Dishes In Goa Which You Should Treat Your Taste Buds To

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Goa is known for its natural beauty, nightlife and the resorts. Above all, Goa is famous for one more thing that is the food. Goa has some spectacular dishes which will leave you amazed. They are finger licking good. Given below is the list of food items which you must try in this happening land.

Goan Fish Curry - Candolim
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The authentic Goan fish curry will make you go curry. Rich in coconut flavour it is just amazing. It is served with steamed rice. The fish used in this curry differs from mackerels, shark fish, pomfret etc. The process of making this curry is quite easy and tastes delicious when consumed after some time of its making.

Chicken Xacuti - Baga
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Chicken Xacuti or called “Shakuti” is one of the most prominent recipes of Goan food. This delicious dish consists of munificent amounts of ious spices and is one of the most renowned chicken recipes in the area. The spices used in making this dish are same as those used in Punjabi curry powder. Even star anise and poppy seeds are added to it.

Pork Sorpotel - Goa
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For the people who love food Pork Sorpotel is a must try. This dish is taken from Portuguese traditions and you can try it in every Catholic household in Goa during Christmas. It is believed that the sorpotel tastes the best on the third or fourth day after it has been heated once a day until the day it is served

Mussel Rawa Fry - Goa
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This dish is regarded as all time favourite snack of Goa people. It is deep fried in rawa batter and is the best crunchy appetizer to have along with alcohol. To have a better taste, have it with tomato ketchup or green chutney. It is crispy from the outside and tender from inside. In short, it’s just finger licking good.

Pork Vindaloo - Goa
5 bbcgoodfood_1515746236u50.jpg Photo by: BBCGoodFood

It is a traditional Goan pork dish which is flavoured with a moderate amount of chillies, vinegar and garlic. It has a mixed taste that is it is spicy and tangy at the same moment. It is also a Portuguese dish but is loved the natives of Goa.

Caldeirada - Goa
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Caldeirada is another one in the list which has its roots in the Portuguese dishes. Basically, it’s a fish stew which comprises of numerous ieties of fish in it. If you are a seafood lover then you will surely enjoy eating this dish. To get a better taste of it do have Portuguese rolls along with it.

Shark Ambot Tik - Goa
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Shark Ambot Tik is a common dish in Goa which has a sour and spicy curry Shark is used in the making this dish because it has thick flesh and a single bone. The shark fish is used with ieties of masala to enhance its taste. To have a better taste of it try it with Goan boiled rice or Goan pav bread.

Prawn Balchao - Goa
8 hungryforever_1515746237u80.jpg Photo by: Hungryforever

Prawn Balchao actually gives the appearance of a prawn pickle. Like the Goan Vindaloo, this delicious dish has great taste and flavour and can be stored for over a month. “Balchao” actually means a pickle-like blend of ingredients which are further mixed with “feni” an alcohol which is produced completely in Goa. You can have this dish with “pav” bread or boiled rice.

Chicken Cafreal - Goa
9 hungryforever_1515746238u90.jpg Photo by: Hungryforever

Chicken Cafreal is a dish which is a mixture of Portuguese and Goan cuisine. This amazing dish is usually made with chicken leg pieces. However, what makes it completely tempting and delicious is the exciting green spicy paste, along with a superb blend of aromatic spices.

Fish Recheado - Goa
10 masterchefu_1515746238u100.jpg Photo by: Masterchefu

Recheado in Portuguese means stuffed. It is basically a Pomfret stuffed with a spicy recheado paste and fried with onions till it becomes golden brown in colour and turns out to be a crispy one. This dish is served with rice and salad.  Thus these are the best ten dishes which you must try in Goa.

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